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Soto Dec 8, 2016

List updated, sold items removed, and a few items added -- a few have headed onto eBay with more to follow.

Soto Jan 20, 2017

Majority of items on eBay now with a few of the multi-disc sets pending.

Soto Mar 5, 2017

Prices mostly updated, many soundtracks are on eBay, and I deleted the set of albums that have recently sold.

Soto Sep 29, 2017

Added pretty much the last of my collection, including my beloved kt2 soundtracks, because I'm going 100% digital at this point. These are generally rarer bits that I'm also going to cross-post on eBay (a few are already there). A couple of the "On eBay" ones are at a slight discount over the posted price right now.

longhairmike Jan 26, 2018

dude,, how did you like the iphone SE? ive been thinking about dumping this 4s finally. i really dont use my phone that much other than talk text, and taking pics/video (either of my bunnies or while out mountain biking). I'm already on verizon.

Soto Jan 26, 2018

I liked the SE, just decided to switch to an Android for work-related purposes. The SE does everything I wanted it to and fits perfectly in my pocket, unlike the Galaxy S8 I have now. I had a 4S before the SE myself.

Qui-Gon Joe Jan 29, 2018

Just want to chime in and say that I love my iPhone SE too!  I am sad that it hasn't been more popular, because I waited a long time to upgrade my phone and when they announced "the power of the other current models without being FREAKING GIGANTIC" I was all over that.  Probably gonna have to get over that since nobody but me seems to care about portable electronics being as portable as possible, it seems.  sad

Soto Feb 13, 2018 (edited Feb 13, 2018)

Remaining Bjorn Lynne CDs sold, others still available w/price drop.

Soto Mar 5, 2018 (edited Mar 5, 2018)

Soukaigi sold.

Has kt2 lost everyone's interest? Surprising given how big he was a few years ago. Might be the lack of new material.

Soto Jun 14, 2018 (edited Jun 14, 2018)

Eternal Darkness sold, just down to kt2 stuff.

Soto Sep 10, 2019

Way way way back bump because I still have the kt2 albums left.

Soto Feb 15, 2021

Just found I still had all these in storage, so BUMP! Can also do all five for $100 shipped for anyone who hasn't listened to all of kt2's stuff.

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