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Jodo Kast Jan 2, 2016

This publisher, Laser Books, existed from 1975-1977. They focused on new authors, though they did publish some material from established authors, such as Raymond F. Jones and Jerry Sohl. Dean Koontz managed to sneak in a book under the name "Aaron Wolfe". Some of the authors that went on to have great careers are K. W. Jeter, Tim Powers, George Zebrowski, Jerry Pournelle, Gordon Eklund and Jeffrey Carver. The only other name I recognize from the list of authors is R. F. Nelson. By 1975, he was already established due to his original short fiction. One of his shorts was turned into one my favorite movies of all time.

I'm mentioning Laser Books because I just completed the collection. I already owned 11 of the 58 in the set and, through only two booksellers on abebooks, managed to find the remainder - except for numbers 55, 56 and 57. I knew that one of the books, the first (number 0), had only been available through mail order. I expected it to be very expensive, but it was $3, as most of them were. A few of them approached $10. The last three, however, set me back $110. They were only available through mail order (I didn't know that) and were printed in low quantities. The first mail order book was cheap because it was printed in large quantities.

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