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Kenology Jun 13, 2011 (edited Jun 13, 2011)

Ordim wrote:
Kenology wrote:

I don't know what you're talking about.  Soundtrackcentral and Youtube (3 months ago) are the only places I've expressed my opinion on Symphonic Legends - I didn't say anything about this on VGMDB.

Kenology wrote:

Would love for him to do a full score again. AND he needs to be rewarded with a full orchestral Zelda concert - preferably orchestrated by a competent arranger (unlike the awful second half of Symphonic Legends).

Ah, ok.  I don't post there often and I completely forgot about saying that - no big deal.  You were right about vgmdb, I was wrong. 

Ordim wrote:
Kenology wrote:

You're right, it doesn't matter, but I think that's pretty interesting nonetheless.  I was wanting to know Kondo's reaction to it.  Do you have a link by any chance? … ker7.shtml

Thanks.  Great interview.  Very insightful.  Glad Kondo and you guys liked Symphonic Legends' second half.

Edit - fixed quote brackets.

Kenology Jul 22, 2011

New concert info:

- Concert to be held in LA on October 21st at Pantages Theatre
- Tickets are $35.
- Worldwide tour continues in 2012
- Concert features 70-piece orchestra and choir
- Includes songs hand-picked by Kondo and his sound team


Jon Turner Jul 22, 2011

Kenology wrote:

New concert info:

- Concert to be held in LA on October 21st at Pantages Theatre
- Tickets are $35.
- Worldwide tour continues in 2012
- Concert features 70-piece orchestra and choir
- Includes songs hand-picked by Kondo and his sound team


That sounds amazing.  I hope it comes close to where I live so that I can go see it myself.

Jadedmoogle Jul 27, 2011

Yay! I'm definitely going to the concert. I like the venue it's going to be at. It's pretty small, every seat in the house will be a good one. I can buy the cheap tickets. smile It would be cool if there was a meet and greet.

Namorbia Aug 5, 2011

The concert is coming to London on October 25th. Tickets go on sale on Monday.

"Tickets on sale soon!
The Legend of Zelda™ 25th Anniversary Symphony is coming to London on Tuesday, October 25th! Check back when tickets go on sale Monday, August 8th, 2011 at 11:00am CET. We look forward to seeing you at this historical worldwide celebration!"

Angela Nov 20, 2011

So anybody picked up or listened to the Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary SYMPHONY CD that comes bundled with Skyward Sword?  Thoughts?  Haven't had a chance to fully digest it, but it seems to be a fairly generous sampler selection of the live concerts.

A bit disappointed that A Link to the Past's "Hyrule Castle" didn't make the cut, but I'm loving the inclusion of "Dark World" on track one's 25th Anniversary Medley.  The Symphonic Movements are fluently arranged, with Wind Waker's edging out Twilight Princess's for me only slightly.  And I'm relieved the classic overworld Main Theme got its own medley track.

Kenology Nov 20, 2011

Haven't got around to really getting into it yet.  I haven't been able to get past the first and seventh tracks, because, like Angela, the "Dark Overworld" arrangement in the 25 anniversary medley keeps me coming back for more.

I'm a little disappointed that the Ganondorf movement isn't on the disc, as well as "Hyrule Castle" and the Boss Medley.

"The Legend of Zelda Main Theme Medley" is an instant classic, I only wish they extended it a little longer - perhaps by adding "Termina Field" in there.

I'll give it a really thorough listen soon enough.

As a side note, the lack of Majora's Mask in the entire concert is a little disturbing.  This isn't the thread for it, but here's hoping it's one of the two movements being saved for the 2012 symphonies.

Adam Corn Feb 18, 2012

Man the "25th Anniversary Medley" and "Twilight Princess Symphonic Movement" on the 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra CD are seriously, seriously good.  I really wasn't expecting anything of this caliber.  The 25th Anniversary Medley is exactly the sort of orchestral adventure music that made me fall in love with VGM in the first place, and the Twilight Princess Symphonic Movement is right up there with it but with a hint of mystery along with one of the more interesting choral bits I've heard since Symphonic Fantasies' "Mana Suite" and Distant Worlds' "Answers".

Could any of you Zelda fans give a rundown of the theme selection in the 25th Anniversary Medley?  From the very get-go to about three minutes in it's just one great adventure theme after another.  Having not played many of the Zelda games they're all new to me until "Dark World" kicks in.

"Ballad of the Goddess" though much shorter is fantastic as well.  Makes me curious about the rest of the soundtrack from Skyward Sword.

On a less positive note, the "Gerudo Valley" arrangement is a total, shameless ripoff of Michael Giacchino's Star Trek score.  You hear plenty of homages and similarities among soundtracks but this one is just blindingly obvious and pathetic.

The "Wind Waker Symphonic Movement" and "Great Fairy's Fountain Theme" are pretty lackluster as well but the two other suites and Ballad of the Goddess more than make up for it.

Amazingu Feb 19, 2012

Wasn't terribly impressed with the album overall, but the Wind Waker suite was absolutely lovely, I thought.

Kenology Feb 24, 2012

Adam Corn wrote:

Could any of you Zelda fans give a rundown of the theme selection in the 25th Anniversary Medley?  From the very get-go to about three minutes in it's just one great adventure theme after another.  Having not played many of the Zelda games they're all new to me until "Dark World" kicks in.

First three songs -

0:00 - "Triforce Chamber" - from A Link to the Past
0:22 - "Overworld Adventure" - from Spirit Tracks
1:39 - "Dragon Roost Island" - from The Wind Waker

And you have it from there...

Chronoman Jun 23, 2012 (edited Jun 23, 2012)

Just bought tickets to the performance in Pittsburgh on July 27.  It's about a 2 hour drive from Cleveland, which isn't too bad.  Anybody been to the concert yet?

I've been listening to crappy recordings on Youtube lately, and the arrangements usually range from good to excellent.  There are some truly epic moments.  My favorite unsurprisingly is the Ocarina of Time suite, which is also my favorite soundtrack from the bunch. 

But one GIANT PET PEEVE...the arranger totally butchered the Opening Theme by changing the melodic rhythm - WHY GOD WHY!  DIDN'T ANYONE EVER TEACH HIM NOT TO MESS WITH PERFECTION?!?!?!  Besides trying to get through that section without punching a small schoolchild, I enjoyed the rest of it.

Adam Corn Jun 28, 2012

My mom went to the Atlanta concert ^^  She enjoyed it, said the audience was quite enthusiastic (unsurprisingly).

If you're tired of listening to crappy YouTube recordings you could try to track down the bonus orchestral CD they released a while back.  It's not complete (no Ocarina of Time suite for starters) but some of the stuff that is on it is *very* nice and the recording quality is pretty good.  Based on that CD, if I got the chance to go to one of the concerts I definitely would!

From the start I've had a hunch that Nintendo would release a full CD set of the concert arrangements once the tour is done, and the upcoming three-disc release of Kid Icarus: Uprising reinforces that suspicion.

Kenology Jul 22, 2012

I'm going to the Philly concert in a few days.  Would love if one of you could give impressions on the Link to the Past movement and Makora's Mask suite.  I don't want to spoil myself with youtube vids but I just want to know something!

Kenology Jul 26, 2012

Just got back from the Philly concert.  It was  awesome.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

ALttP movement was just amazing.  Many of those songs really came to life with a full orchestra and choir behind them.  My only qualm is that the OoT movement and MM suite didn't seem to get the same care and nurturing that that WW, TP, and ALttP movements did. 

MM in particular was relatively short with only six songs.  The arrangements were good, it just left you wanting so much more. And it's probably impossible for any orchestra to recreate the unique percussion sounds of "Majora's Theme", so they didn't really even try.

OoT was a full movement and really good.  Like a previous poster mentioned, the melody on the "Title Theme" was a bit off and they embellished this serene tune just a tad much at one point. 

Overall, great concert.  Worth it for ALttP movement alone.

XLord007 Jul 27, 2012

Had a blast at the DC concert last night despite the insane heat. Unlike the Play! concert I saw four years ago, I felt that I got my money's worth from the Zelda concert, and everyone in attendance seemed to be having a great time although there was too much obnoxious cheering -- it would be nice if the fanboys would learn some orchestra etiquette. The music itself was very good on the whole, but I was little disappointed that each suite spent so much time on opening and ending themes and left out many great themes like Dragon Roost Island. It was also a little silly to have three planned encores. Looking at the program, I was wondering why the second half looked so sparse, and it was simply because they held back three pieces to use as "surprise" encores. It might have made more sense to put two of them on the program and just do one as an encore. Anyway, it was a fun concert, and I recommend checking it out if it comes to your area.

Ramza Jul 28, 2012

Kenology -- I was also at the Philly show! Was definitely good, LTTP was great. And IMO, the best videography done for one of these VGM+orchestra shows I've ever seen. The OoT one with the emphasis on Saria, and the Twilight Princess one especially ... very evocative, very strong.

Also, Link's Awakening (1st of 3 encores) -- so good. so unexpected.

I have an interview w/ Jeron Moore and some concert impressions going up on OSV later this week. I spoke to him on the phone this morning, he talked about the insane touring schedule, driving through the night from Philly to the DC show and then two nights in Pittsburgh (they're just wrapping up 2nd show about now, I'd guess). This really is an interesting concert with humble origins.

Would like to see more of this series/franchise-centric stuff. Distant Worlds is cool, this is really cool ... now if only a Falcom tour would come through the US. Keep dreaming, amirite?

jb Jul 28, 2012

I went to the Philly show.  It was good to hear the music but it was an overall pretty poor performance. I really hate these crossover concerts with monitors and people clapping mid movement.  It's really, really annoying.  Plus this one was outdoors so that dog barking (twice!?) plus the giant bat or moth or whatever flying on stage.  Just totally ridiculous for an orchestra performance.  I left after the Gerudo Valley encore, not sure if there was anything after that.

Also, I'm just a cynical a$$, but some of the people who go to these things...................................................................... ::shakes head::

Ramza Jul 29, 2012

yeah, after Gerudo Valley they pulled out the "triple encore" card with a Majora's Mask medley.

The dog annoyed me. The bats pleased me.

Some of the concert-goers needed to be smacked. Others were pretty rad.

Kenology Aug 4, 2012

@ Ramza and jb:

I didn't notice the bat.  I was sitting high up on the balcony so that's probably why.  The dog barking came out of nowhere.  I think it was a person on the lawn imitating a dog.  I remember they guy on stage asking "was that a dog?"

It was also fun to get a ton of street passes on the 3DS.

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