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Ugly Bob Jul 13, 2009

I heard it at the end of a podcast, and of course they didn't say the name. It has a rock riff with the following lyrics: The Vampire Killers, the Belmont Clan!

It sounded ugh at first, but really grew on me. Much better than Dracula Perfect Selection!

Ugly Bob Jul 14, 2009

not sure what you mean, but I agree.

I owe you! Thanks a bunch for being familiar with this song!

Dais Jul 14, 2009

two dozen browser tabs, which fell back into my History after opening a youtube video (stupid seamonky, stupid puppylinux)

also I got this through google. about four minutes using key terms from your opening post. lost the specific search when the browser crashed, though.

guizhang Jul 14, 2009

anyone remember that crystal teardrops/wu-tang mashup? i remember it being on youtube, but now i can't find it. sad

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