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lakerhunter2 Sep 3, 2010 (edited Sep 8, 2010)

If you are a hard core to-die-for Metroid Fan, here is something that you cannot resist!

Here is the Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Original Soundtrack that I have remastered for everybody to enjoy!

If you are a audiophile, read through this whole post, if you just wanna download the album in lossless and MP3, skip to the links.

I copied the music streamed from my gamecube into my equipment and that into my mac using Audacity.

Now, I added 3D Stereo Surround Sound, Stereo Ambience (More Detail, you can hear so much more, it's incredible), Stereo Depth (seriously, you can feel the sounds around you and it feels like they are there. Each sound has it's own texture), Studio Reverb (which by the way is out of this world!!), Optimization for loud speakers and headphones alike (sound amazing anywere played, even on cheap Apple headphones),ambience, A generated separate and crystal clear thumpin' sub-bass channel, then added it into the original files and listened to each song 10 times to listen for any audio masking or distortion, optimized so accurately, that if you turn the volume up all the way, the sound waves are rendered so perfectly, your ears wont even hurt, you will just hear more!!!! (And get a big headache) You only experience this effect with top-of-the-line speakers and a high quality receiver. And last but not least, I separated each sound in a certain space in the "Sound Room" that is created in your headphones so you get a "Graphic Audio" type effect. I didn't make the sounds go too far behind your head because that is not natural. You hear things better when they are in front of you, so why make recordings the opposite? I also added a dynamic booster which made things just overall better, and I used a compressor, which turned up the volume on everything that was under -24 db so you can hear more.

This is THE MOST AMAZING and hi quality remaster of Metroid Prime 2 Echoes OST that you can get close to on the internet and that is audiophile recommended. The highs are so clear and crisp that they make you flinch, while the bass is incredible and is almost a punch in the gut. Especially with a sub. These recordings take your hardware and push them to the limits.

All of this was rendered with analog processors, no computers or digital stuff, and recorded into my mac at 24-bit 196khz sample rate hi-fidelity quality, then down-sampled to red-book standards (44.1khz 16-bit).

This will blow you away! Try comparing these to the original ones.

Details and links are located below.


       _<`~/|    LINKS     |\~'>_
FLAC Level 8 compression for bandwidth saving with "Verify Encoding" enabled:

PART 1 356.85 MB  <---- Includes Album Art

PART 2  819.16 MB <---- Includes Album Art

MP3 LAME 320kbps

430.07 mb <---- Includes Album Art

If any of the links die, just e-mail me at I will fix them as soon as possible! If you have any complaints or complements or just want to say thanks, please drop by my e-mail. I will take everything into consideration that I receive. If it calls for it, I will re-release different versions of this album for the sake of my listeners so make sure to keep a lookout for new posts and edits to this thread and e-mail me. smile

This wouldn't be possible without the original music and video game, so credits to Kenji Yamamoto and Retro Studios for making such a wonderful game and music!

vert1 Sep 3, 2010

Damn. Enjoyed the Metroid Prime remaster you did, but this one requires me to be a premium member to download the FLAC. Do you think you could cut the file into two parts so I can download it?

lakerhunter2 Sep 6, 2010

vert1 wrote:

Damn. Enjoyed the Metroid Prime remaster you did, but this one requires me to be a premium member to download the FLAC. Do you think you could cut the file into two parts so I can download it?

Can do. smile
It will take a while though, only got 20kbps upload

FuryofFrog Sep 8, 2010 (edited Sep 8, 2010)

This sounds absolutely wonderful man. How long does it take you to do one of these guys? One thing, would you happen to have a tracklist? Seeing it in alphabetical order is making my brain crazy.

Edit: Ever think of submitting your excellent work to the Metroid Database? I'm sure those guys would appreciate it over there.

lakerhunter2 Sep 9, 2010

Well, since it is all done with hardware and no digital, quite a long time lol. 'Bout 1 - 2 weeks for huge albums like this one. I don't have a track list considering I recorded it all from my Gamecube.

And I might submit all my albums to that metroid site once I finish Corruption. I'm almost done with it.


Datschge Sep 10, 2010

lakerhunter2 wrote:

(...) once I finish Corruption. I'm almost done with it.



pbjpie Jun 20, 2021

I know enough about audio engineering to understand what he did, at least. I have the original lossy files. If I have time this weekend, I may try to recreate this. Might be possible to get something better consider how far audio development has come, but using an extraneous amount of filters could be detrimental to the original audio itself. Sad nintendo won't just release the files!

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