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brandonk Jan 30, 2015 (edited Jan 30, 2015)

So...just sharing a recent related experience -

I recently bought Mario Galaxy 2 and Punch Out via the same program...I actually missed the $9.99 deal for Mario Galaxy 2, so paid $20 for it and $9.99 for punch out...

I was looking forward to playing these, understanding I would be able to use the Wii U controller...Turns out you cannot play Super Mario Galaxy 2 w/out a Nunchuck and Wii Mote controller - should I have known this?  Hmmm....probably, but - when I saw the instruction in game to 'use the Wii U' controller only to view, and use the Wii Mote and Nuncuck to point at the Wii U controller (as an option instead of the TV), I was a little disappointed...I had read somewhere (I think on Kotaku) that you COULD use the Wii U controller to control the game...The next thing I immediately noticed was a severe retrograde in graphics - which in essence was Wii's native display come they couldn't update the resolution settings for the game(s)?  I have to imagine this is the same case with Metroid -but honestly, how difficult would this have been?  I'm not saying upgrading the textures etc, but a resolution change (a minor bump) would have been relatively easy and much appreciated.   Dolphin emulation does this just fine of course, and I'm not suggesting they go to the same super high resolution rates.  I can only imaging playing a 3D game like Prime in native Wii graphics...anyway - ultimately disappointed, I called Nintendo, and after about a 20 min call that was escalated to a supervisor, they refunded my eShop purchases.  Customer service was pretty friendly - but they tried initially to steer me towards a free refurb'd nunchuck...ultimately gave me an option for store credit or a full refund.  I took the latter

Amazingu Jan 30, 2015

Oh man, I would be ALL over this if they put this up on the Japanese eShop, but unfortunately the trilogy was never released in one package here...

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