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jeriaska Jan 1, 2009

Just after the Press Start Symphony of Games concert in Tokyo, I had the chance to meet with Michiko Naruke and talk with her about her background in videogame music.  I think what surprised me most in our conversation was the discovery that she had not been involved in the @MIDI project.   She has been attributed with writing under the name Hassy for this electronic music series, but it turns out there is no connection.

There is an article incorporating a series of quotes from audio recordings of the conversation currently on RPGFan.  The final version was later checked over and expanded upon through email exchanges with the musician.  The article should still be on the righthand sidebar of the frontpage of the website.  It includes information on the composer’s involvement in Telenet Japan, the medley of Wild Arms and 2nd Ignition tracks performed at Press Start, and a few details regarding the RIZ-ZOAWD project for the DS.

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