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Bernhardt Jul 29, 2010 (edited Jul 29, 2010)

Nanosweep 8:

Nanosweep 9:

Sure, they're still cheap enough to swallow even if they're no good, but it's still a pain to import stuff these days...

Can anyone vouch for these being any good?

I've liked all the Nanosweep albums up until now...except for Nanosweep 7, which was the only one which I've lanced outright; the other albums, I at least enjoyed half of them, as short as they are.

I'm basically looking for chill, relaxing music, maybe even some down-tempo, even danceable stuff, but when it's just loud noise music, that conjure headaches, that's no fun.

I'm pretty low on night music these days, so I'm trying to stock up on some new stuff.

Nanosweep 1

"Denki Girl" was a real damn catchy piece, with the bouncy rhythm, the claps, and the chant spelling out "Denki Girl."

"Recycle" was a really good, fast-paced dance track.

Nanosweep 2

"Like a Clock" and "Planet Funk" were pretty good danceable tracks.

Nanosweep 3

Liked "In the Mix," "Lucida," "Silence," and "Your Pulse" were all pretty chill dance tracks.

Nanosweep 4

"Blaze Out" had a good rhythm, if a little disco flair to it, and "Eve" was very chill.

Nanosweep 5

Liked "Sign On," "Stargaze," and "Jacaranda."

Nanosweep 6

Liked "Flare" and "4:00pm"

Bernhardt Jul 30, 2010 (edited Jul 30, 2010)

Herrkotowski wrote:

Interesting. Nanosweep 7 is my absolute favorite. I like the electrorock of Okubo, the piano/beat of Watanabe, and the interesting styles by the Supersweep members, with Taihei Sato taking the cake for me. What didn't you like about it?

I don't know; it just seemed like noise music to me; too fast-paced, non-melodic, non-memorable. Not to say anything disparaging of your own tastes, of course, but it just didn't catch on with me; I didn't really grasp it.

Herrkotowski wrote:

As for the other two, here are previews: (Nanosweep 8) (Nanosweep 9)

YouTube! Of course! (>_<) I keep forgetting...well, actually, I typed it in improperly, so I didn't get any results...I think a space should go between "Nanosweep" and the number of the installment...i.e., Nanosweep 8, not "Nanosweep8." Oh well.

Those're some good beats...I just might settle on these! Thanks for the links!

Bernhardt Aug 3, 2010

Herrkotowski wrote:

Speaking of Nanosweep, here's the preview for the upcoming Nanosweep10 released on August 14th. I think you'll find this one, for the most part, to your liking.

w00t! Thanks for the link! These things come out faster than I can keep up with...

Just based on the samples,

"Mysterious Pot" just sounds like noise music,

"Get away from the Boredom!" sounds like one of Saso's trademark silly songs,

"Dream On, Friend (2010 Remix)" I like; sounds like one of those anime vocal themes from the 80s / 90s,

"Crow Dance" is a good track, appropriate for a shooter or racer

"Junction" sounds REALLY minimalistic,

"Dignified" I also like, seems to have a good dance beat.

I suppose I'll end up getting this one too, but I'm not expecting much, though, it'll be a pleasant surprise if these deliver more than I think they will.

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