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PeteV Jun 7, 2006 (edited Jun 7, 2006)

Falcom has announced the following albums related to Legend of Heroes VI Second Chapter will be released over the next three months.

Legend of Heroes "Sora no Kiseki" SC OST - 7/14 - 2 CDs, 44 tracks
Sora no Kiseki Vocal Tracks - 8/25, 2 CDs, 20 tracks
Sora no Kiseki Super Arrange Version - 9/15, 2 CDs

More details:

Webpage now up:

The vocal collection will be two discs and compile all the previously released vocals (2 tracks from the first SAV, 1 track from the first chapter, 2 tracks from the second chapter), plus five new arrangements.  The second disc will just be karaoke versions of all the songs.

The Super Arrange Version will also be two discs, but a tracklist has not been revealed yet.

Each album will be 2980 Yen.

GoldfishX Jun 7, 2006 (edited Jun 7, 2006)

Awesome news...Can't say I'm looking forward to the vocal collection a huge deal, but the OST and the SAV are definites. My guess is the second disc of the SAV will be the Super Arrange for the first chapter, since it was never widely released (at least that's what I gather from the FC and SC in the title...It's a good little album)

*Needs rock arrangement of Silver Will badly*

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