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Adam Corn Sep 11, 2013

Following their Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix collaboration, Capcom have again partnered with OC Remix, this time for a Mega Man arranged album, as well as with frequent U.S. distributing partner Sumthing Else Music Works for another.  Quotes from Capcom's official blog entry:

For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man

First, I approached OverClocked ReMix with an idea - what if we could make an album that celebrated the first games in each Mega Man series? That is, top-notch remixes (in multiple musical genres) for Mega Man, Mega Man X, Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man ZX and Mega Man Star Force? Naturally they more than rose to the challenge and have already begun crafting some expert-level tunes.

MM25: Mega Man Rocks

Second, I worked with Sumthing Else to gather music from six hugely popular live acts in MM25: Mega Man Rocks. Headlining the album is "Built to Last," a brand new song from The Protomen (teased during the PAX Prime concerts, ya know!); it is joined by new songs from Arm Cannon and X Hunters, as well as re-recorded hits from The Megas and Bit Brigade. Last but certainly not least, both The Protomen and Mega Ran have hand-picked some of their favorite classic jams to round out the whole package.

Both albums are due this fall "on various digital distribution sites (including iTunes)" but there's no mention of a physical album release (though I would be a little surprised if Sumthing Else didn't put one out).

Thoughts?  How familiar are you guys with the arrangers on the Sumthing Else album?

Adam Corn Sep 19, 2013

First batch of tracks from the OCR album "For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man" announced, along with their remixers.  The remaining tracks (from Mega Man Legends, Star Force, Zero and ZX) will be announced next week. … bute-album

Mega Man
- "Searing Scissors" - Cut Man (by AeroZ)
- "Breach" - Wily 1 (by Brandon Strader)
- "Bombs Away!" - Bomb Man (by WillRock)

Mega Man X
- "Slow Your Roll" - Armored Armadillo (by djpretzel / Diggi Dis)
- "Jungle Kuwanger" - Boomer Kuwanger (by Phonetic Hero)
- "Electric Spark" - Spark Mandrill (by Sixto Sounds)

Mega Man Battle Network
- "Amps Macabre" - Elec Man (by ectogemia)
- "No Matter Where You Go, This Will Always Be Home" - AC/DC Town (by Level 99)
- "Exchange" - Boundless Network (by Radiowar)

Adam Corn Sep 25, 2013

And the second half of the OCR album: … emix-album

Mega Man Legends
- "Hanmuru Moon" - Hanmuru Doll (by Mazedude)
- "Gate Crasher" - Main Gate and Flutter vs the Gesellschaft (by Nutritious)
- "Tres Bonne" - We're The Bonne Siblings Three (by Rexy)

Mega Man Zero
- "Fluid Motion" - Crash (Boss Battle) (by Jakesnke17)
- "The Nightwatch" - Neo Arcadia HQ (by Neblix)
- "Rubber Horse" - Fake (by fredrikd)

Mega Man ZX
- "Dagger Vision (Second Sight mix)" - Area L Laboratory (by DarkeSword)
- "Ore wa Rockman ZX!" -  Area C City (by Helicopter Knife Fight)
- "Model Funk" - Area B Mountain Pass (by Theory of N)

Mega Man Star Force
- "Spacegazer" - Deep Space Theme (by Flexstyle)
- "Libra Funkadelic" - Libra Balance Stage (by halc)
- "Falling Star" - Main Menu (by Joshua Morse)

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