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Datschge Dec 4, 2007

Dais wrote:

so maybe a lot of games he worked on got canned?

Seems very likely as those are from the age ports seemed like quick 'n' easy cash ins.
I give up. I'm apparently unable to do anyone or anything justice. Would have been nice if this were just a little quiet thread announcing a game composer's first solo work in over a decade, but I messed it up, will bail out now and can only hope it gets further derailed. Excuses to everyone who wants one and sees this.

Daniel K Dec 4, 2007

No need to apologize, Datschge. It's just talk in the end... And we all do it.

And yeah, Barry Leitch is pretty cool. The SNES version of EEK! The Cat is one of those timeless classics most VGM fans missed.

Bernhardt Dec 5, 2007

This could go either way.

I'm not typically found of piano solos, but then again, I've loved the work Sakuraba did for SO2 & 3, and Valkyrie Profile 2 for that matter; the piano solos from SO3, namely of "So Alone, Be Sorrow" were simply heavenly to my ears.

I might actually pick this one up.

I'd say Sakuraba's one of my all-time favorite composers; SO3 & VP2 are FREQUENT listens.

Zane Dec 8, 2007

I figure this is an appropriate thread to ask this: has anyone heard Sakuraba's tune off of FM Sound Module Maniax? Holy shite... it's intense! It has old school charm, a lot of complex riff changes and an overall awesome feel to it.

Zane Jan 30, 2008

Zane wrote:

That being said, I'm probably going to stay away from Forest of Glass

Well, I didn't stay away from it, and I'm glad I didn't just write it off as "another" Sakuraba album. So far, this CD is really enjoyable and is far from your typical piano CD. Cheers to Sakuraba for finding some great inspiration and penning this CD. For those on the fence, I recommend checking out the samples over at Tower Records to see if it's something you would be into: … ORT_CD=101

There's a very interesting interview over at Cocoebiz about the development of the album:

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