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eb4eva2006 Aug 31, 2006

Is there any unofficial OST or game music rip to this game anywhere?  I don't think there was an official OST, but I want the music!

Princess-Isabela Aug 31, 2006

maybe that will be a shock to you, but there were actually 2 Paper Mario OST releases, - one released by Enterbrain in Japan, and in US released obviously by Nintendo Power, both soundtracks are practically the same(and both are a 2-cd sets).
there was also very first release in Japan that came with Paper Mario postcards but that was only for people who preordered it.

Kenology Aug 31, 2006

Yeah, both versions are basically the same.  Though the discs on the Nintendo Power version have slightly longer running times.

eb4eva2006 Sep 1, 2006

Oh wait........I meant Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door!  Is there a rip or soundtrack for that?

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