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Ramza May 27, 2007

So I was browsing through some recently acquired merchandise (thanks to the fine ppl here at STC, go team!!!).

I picked up the SQEX reprint version of the SaGa Frontier II OST.

And lo and behold, it looks like Hamauzu wrote a new entry about his work for this. The date of the writing is December of 2005, looong after the game's original release. It's probably the only real difference between the original and reprinted version of the OST.

There's been a lot of Hamauzu talk, and indeed, Hamauzu hype, on the board lately. IMO, that's a great thing!

So, if anyone wants to take on the daunting task of translating it, I've scanned it:

I noticed that someone on Chudah's Corner recently posted a buttload of FF liner notes. It'd be nice to see this entry make it to that database as well. I offer the scan freely to anyone who wants to translate.


Ramza May 27, 2007

PS - to anyone who keeps a database of tracklists etc, I found a mistake in my translation.

(to my knowledge, my translation from the German tracklist to the English is the most commonly used, perhaps *only*, translation floating around VGM circles).

The last track of disc one, "Weihaltar." First of all, I (and others like me) had made the mistake of reading it as "Weihalter" (note the vowel change at the end). I originally looked at this word and couldn't make any sense of it...this was like six years ago mind you...but I guessed that Square had made a typo and wanted it to be Weinhalter ... hence, Wine Holder, or Wine Owner (the old translation).

That's *way* off.

I did a search for the word itself on google and got all these pictures of statues and sh*t from pre-Christian times, when celtic and druid culture had taken over much of Germany. So I tried splitting the word "Weih" and "Altar" -- and I got "Votive Altar" -- or, a place to offer a sacrifice or valuable of some sort. Looking back to the music, and what the song was written for in context of the game, there's no doubt that "Weihaltar" is "Votive Altar" (or "Sacrificial Altar", something of this nature).

So, my mistake, anyone who operates this stuff and cares a buttload about SaGa Frontier II, go ahead and make fixes. ^^;


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