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GoldfishX Aug 5, 2006

Even better...Somehow this one got leaked and it's available in the vgmcentral hub (along with a karaoke disc). The tags are unmodifiable though.

I came to the same conclusion you did though...The first two tracks are great (one is an arrangement of "Fate of the Fairies", which is some incredible old-school Falcom rock from SC) as are the three main vocal themes from the LoH VI series (the Silver Will Vocal, "I Swear" and the one from the original LoH VI.) But the rest is forgettable at best.

Hopefully, the Super Arrange gets leaked too...

PeteV Aug 5, 2006

It wasn't leaked, it already available for sale as a download.  The Super Arrange Version download goes on sale August 15.

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