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Henri Jan 30, 2006 (edited Apr 24, 2007)


I'm selling a bunch of cds away, and also willing to trade and even buy if price is right. Payment only through PayPal. I live in Finland so please take high shipping costs outside Europe into consideration when making offers. I'm mostly looking forward to just getting rid of these albums, so the price isn't in most cases the highest issue.

They are all in good condition and if you care about obis, feel free to ask if the cds include them (almost all of them do). Also, pictures will be taken of the desired objects. If you want to trade, please inform me of the albums you're willing to trade, as everything I'm possibly interested in is not on the list below.


Auto Modellista Original Soundtrack CPCA-1062~3 $15
Biohazard -CODE:Veronica- Complete Original Soundtrack CPCA-1052~3 $12 just added!
Falcom Classics KICA-1201 $12
L'Empereur KECH-1004 $12
Giant Egg Original Sound Track Music Popped out of the Egg WWCE-31005 $15 just added!
Mars Story Original Sound Track AYCM-623 $15
PROJECT SYLPHEED Original Soundtrack SQEX-10080 $12 just added!
True Love Story 3 Original Sound Track SCDC-00089 $15
Ys Healing NW10102490 $10 just added!


If you've got one of the following albums available, I'd be happy to trade or even buy them. I don't care if they have an obi or which (non-bootleg) press they are (unless cat. no stated), as long as the cd itself is in good condition and the paper stuff (liners) is readable.


Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War Original Soundtrack
Alundra Original Game Soundtrack
Ar Tonelico Hymmnos Concert Side Blue
Ar Tonelico Hymmnos Concert Side Crimson
Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale
Gyakuten Saiban Jazz Album ~Gyakuten Saiban Meets Jazz Soul~
KOEI Game Music Works - Yoko Kanno Collections
Motoi Sakuraba Live 2006 -Valkyrie Profile 2-
Piano Collections Final Fantasy VII
Piano Pieces "SF2" ~ Rhapsody on a Theme of SaGa FRONTIER 2
Romancing SaGa 2 Eternal Romance
Romancing SaGa ~Minstrel Song~ Original Soundtrack
Secret of Mana+
Shenmue Orchestra Version
Star Ocean 2 The Second Story Arrange Album
Symphonic Fantasy White Witch
Tales of Legendia Original Soundtrack
Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria Original Soundtrack vol. 2
Valkyrie Profile 2 Arrange Album
Water ~For Relaxing Time~
Xenosaga Episode III ~Also sprach Zarathutra~ Original Best Sound Track
Ys Dramatic Concert (yes, even though this is an animu soundtrack)

Dunno, if you have something else in mind, please don't be afraid to ask.

Inquiries to Will reply as soon as possible. If no reply within a few days, try this forum's private message system.

EDIT: Album added, something serious removed

Henri Feb 4, 2006

I added prices and accept currencies besides euro now.

All going for cheap prices. =o

Henri Aug 26, 2009

Still selling, if anyone's interested.

But you'll have to contact me in the spring, since I'll be away from my home country and my vgm collection for this year.

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