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SSteele1994 Sep 22, 2019

Hi folks,

It's been some days once again since I logged into this forum. But, I am here today as I plan to sell off about 10 or so odd CD's / per month from my collection. I'd want to do more, but it is getting harder to find the time. Saying that - what's below is a random assortment of CD's I have (hopefully) priced to move. If you feel the price is too high and wish to negotiate, by all means. I am flexible.

In terms of shipping - I use strong bubble wrap and other protections to ensure the CD does not become damaged during transit. (I have had incidents in the past with the PO). A flat cost of $3 will be applied for shipping costs (First Class / Media Mail). If you purchase multiple CD's, and the cost goes over $50, then the shipping is free.

The albums are complete, but know: None of these albums have OBI's, if one was ever included, sorry.  You can post a response here or message me on VGM DB with the sale list being here, as well. I can also send additional photos to review the condition, upon request. … erid=10981

1. Chocobo No Fushigina Dungeon Original Soundtrack - $35
*Good condition overall and has the slip cover. (The slip cover does show some wear on the spine). This also comes with the 8 CM CD.

2. G-Darius Original Arcade Score - $20
*Mild scuffing on case, good condition otherwise.

3. G-Darius Arrange Album (Miraikanryou) - $20
*Mild scuffing on case, good condition otherwise.

4. Image Album Ys V Ushinawareta Suna no Miyako Kefin - $20
*Mild scuffing on case, good condition otherwise.

5. Melody of Legend - Chapter of Dream - $5
*Mild scuffing on case, very good condition otherwise.

6. Melody of Legend - Chapter of Love - $5
*Mild scuffing on case, very good condition otherwise.

7. Perfect Collection Y's Heaven's Sanctuary 2 - J.D.K. Electric Orchestra Edition - $40
*This is to the Y's OVA anime, but has music from the video game redone. This is priced higher since it is the rare picture disc version. The case has some scuffing and there is a hairline crack on the back, center of the case.

8. Preprimer - $10
*This is the re-print. Minor scuffs on case, great condition otherwise.

9. Psychic Force 2012 Arrange Sound Tracks - $10
*Minor scuffing on case, liner booklet has very mild wear, good condition otherwise.

10.  Stella Dues BGM Re-Arrange Album - $15
*This is the 'Not for sale' release that has 8 tracks. The liner booklet has minor wear. Case has a little scuffing. No back liner or OBI was ever here when it was originally purchased.

Thanks so much! More will be updated soon,

SSteele1994 Sep 29, 2019

Hi folks,

I have moved 5 of the above albums to eBay tonight. All soundtracks have a starting bid of $10.

-Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon OST
-Ys Anime OVA Volume III
-Psychic Force 2012 Arrange
-Ys V: Image Album
-Stella Dues BGM Re-Arrange Album … LK%3AMESEX

My plan will be to put 5 up each week as taking the photos and write ups is time consuming. For some of the more rare albums I have, I may post them here first to give everyone a fair crack at them. But, otherwise, most of the soundtracks that don't draw too much attention will go into the auction format.

Thanks again!

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