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Jodo Kast Mar 17, 2014

Does anyone here own this device?

I'm curious to learn exactly what it does and how reliable it is. Specifically, I'd like to play Twinbee: Rainbow Bell Adventure with the English patch. If I could play it on a real SNES, I'd prefer that to emulation.

Ashley Winchester Mar 23, 2014

To be honest I don't think you even have to bother with this. If that one site still exists you could just buy a hacked/patched ROM that's been uploaded onto a cart. As a collector I personally hate that crap because people actually go as far to consider such illegitimate stuff part of their quote unquote "collection" (sorry, bit of a purist here) but if someone just uses one of those carts as a means to an end it doesn't really aggravate me as much.

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