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Jake Jul 5, 2007

I am thinking of getting this because I have heard that the music in this game has a Phantom Brave feel. Phantom Brave along with Disgaea are some of my favorite soundtracks that Tenpei Sato has composed. Hows the quality of the soundtrack? I really haven't heard or seen any reviews on the internet about it so I was curious about it. Thanks to anyone that may be able to help.

Zorbfish Jul 6, 2007

Surprised there was not a listing for it, so I put this up.

There's not much comparison to either soundtracks. Considering it is a Sato release it does contains a few light hearted tracks similar to Phantom Brave and some of the battle tracks straddle the line of being very Disgaea-esque, but other than that this one's a very different beast.

It has an air of melancholy and is a bit darker than the past few Sato releases. The battle themes also have a much more epic sound which makes sense, to me at least, considering how Soul Cradle plays (it feels like Nippon Ichi's take on Ogre Battle).

I can put up a sample if anyone wants it.

Bernhardt Jul 8, 2007 (edited Jul 8, 2007)

I don't see an official original soundtrack release, but there seems to be an arrange soundtrack:

Sato's music is decent, indeed, Phantom Brave is one of my favorites, but I can't help gritting my teeth at the sometimes-atrocious synth.

Red HamsterX Jul 10, 2007

Like all NIS games, the OST was only available with the Japanese LE, which I had to pass on this time.

The arrange album is... different, though. It's definitely Sato, but it isn't like anything I've heard from him in the past several years.

Jake Jul 10, 2007

If you could put up a sample it would be appreciated. I always get excited when a new Tenpei Sato cd comes out. I might buy the arranged cd next time I order some soundtracks. Hopefully NIS America decides to release the full soundtrack in the US.

Bernhardt Jul 13, 2007

Zorbfish wrote:

Here you go:

I'd love to hear your take on the arranged album Red HamsterX, if you'd like I can send you the full versions to compare against the arrangement.

Is that link for the soundtrack, or the arrange album? I'd really like to hear the arrange album, especially before I make a decision to get it!

Red HamsterX Jul 13, 2007

Unfortunately, I've done away with all rips of CDs I don't own, except for doujin albums that are incredibly difficult to find.

I'll be getting a copy of the LE's soundtrack in August (gotta love people who are willing to scour Akihabara), so I should be able to write about it then, if that's not too late, and if I finally get a break from my other obligations.

Bernhardt Jul 14, 2007 (edited Jul 14, 2007)

Ramza wrote:

For those interested:

Reviews went up for Soul Cradle (Soul Nomad) OST and Arrange. Includes audio samples.


Wow, and here, I thought you weren't going to post that stuff until near the end of Summer...? You're such a kidder! Either way, awexome, and thansk, man!

EDIT: Wow, the arrange album has much better sound than the OST...

It is still good that Soul Cradle's OST has a greater unity of style, as opposed to past Tenpei OSTs, which have had many different contrasting styles, from classical-style, to rock, to techno, all on one album.

Nothing wrong with that, I just usually won't listen to pieces from such soundtracks back-to-back, and only pick out the ones I feel like listening to at the moment.

Ramza Jul 14, 2007

Bernhardt wrote:

Wow, and here, I thought you weren't going to post that stuff until near the end of Summer...? You're such a kidder! Either way, awexome, and thansk, man!

Glad you enjoyed the chance to check out the albums!

As for "end of summer" -- that was an estimate for all the requests you made. Mana Khemia and Volkslied 2...are sort of on the backburner for me. I LOVE Gust sound team (as you know), but I don't know what else there is to say. Until I can think of something TO say, I can't write a review. sad


Bernhardt Sep 8, 2007 (edited Sep 8, 2007)

Hmm, anyone around here still play video-games for the "game" part that's supposed to be there, and not just for the music? Didn't think so. (Ehh, relax, I'm not trying to insult anyone, it's more of a wag of the finger at the quality of video-games these days).

The OST has some really chintzy-sounding synth (as is the case with most of Sato's works), but the arrange album is great (which isn't the case for most of Sato's works).

"Rock n' Rocks" should've been on the arrange album; wasn't it, like, one of the first pieces you hear in-game?

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