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eb4eva2006 Jun 30, 2006

Sorry for the double post......

For collectors on here, do you all know what paperwork were included with the Digicube original for the Bouncer and the first print for Star Ocean 2nd Story Arrange Album?

-Did any have a sticker?
-Did they both have OBIs?
-Did they have an outer resealable plastic sleeve?
-Any other paperworks beside the liner notes that is of importance/value?

Thanks.  If you have these and could check it would be much appreciated.

Kenology Jun 30, 2006

Please feel free to up some samples if you'd be so kind...

"Sacred Song"
"Theme of RENA"
"Stab the Sword of Justice"
and whatever else is cool.

oddigy Jul 6, 2006

Zane wrote:

Speaking of SO2AA: … dZViewItem

That is seriously, seriously hilarious.

I hate to even list this item at any price, as it would be impossible to locate again. Likely this is the only copy you will ever see for sale in a lifetime. This is arguably one of the nicest items I have in my collection. This is the real deal from Japan when this game was released, now impossible to find. This item and the game discs are in gem mint condition, includes mint manual, absolutely perfect, pristine. What an incredibly rare find!

*dies laughing*
Yeah, this guy is absolutely off his rocker.

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