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Adam Corn Aug 4, 2014

So we've talked briefly about the OST, but has everyone heard the Shovel Knight arranged album?  It's a solid collection of largely faithful powered-up arrangements ranging from electronic ("Neon Cave Campfire") to synth-orchestral ("The Lovely Deer Ladies / Village") to rock ("SHOVEL KNIGTH").

The two vocal pieces are surprisingly good.  The pop-EDM "No Sense Running / Lost City" could go right on the radio, while "Hyper Camelot / Guest Director Boss Battle" makes for a humorous yet somehow rocking parody of '80s action cartoon theme songs.

Most importantly, though, the album features an extended synth arrangement of the most energetic and insanely addictive theme from the OST, "Greenwaves / Plains of Passage".

Here's an eleven-minute sampler of the aforementioned tracks:

And of course the whole album is available for streaming and download at Bandcamp: … t-arranged

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