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bigabobo Jul 9, 2006

Is anyone going to get the new PS2 Super Dragon Ball Z fighting game? I'm not really a DBZ fan, but from the previews, it sounds like Super Sweep (Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso) did the soundtrack.. should be good, especially if you liked the Street Fighter EX music.

Zane Jul 9, 2006

Oh snap. If there's an OST and the details involve Supersweep, I'll definitely check it out. SFEX3 is one of my favorite soundtracks.

GoldfishX Jul 9, 2006

Hmm, I wonder why they would change composers all of a sudden...Kenji Yamamoto has long been the composer for the games and he's done a great job for 3 main Budokai games.

Did you happen to see a name for who's composing?

Either way, hopefully an OST will come of it.

Dragon God Jul 9, 2006 (edited Jul 9, 2006)

It sure sounds like Hosoe... but I do know that Yack. is involved big_smile

Edit: the second and third videos at IGN screams his style right off the bat. Sounds alot like Senko No Ronde, Kaiser Knuckle and Fighter's Impact.

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