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Chris Jun 29, 2009

In January 2010, five orchestral school concerts will take place entitled Super Mario Galaxy - A Musical Adventure. These child-friendly concerts will tell a compact version of the game's plot with the music fitting the context. They will feature orchestral arrangements of Super Mario Galaxy music by Jonne Valtonen and narration written by a professional writer. The concerts are inspired by "Peter and the Wolf" and aim to both entertain and educate children with music.

Full exclusive article here.

I personally think these concerts are an excellent concept. It seems like a great way to get children into music using melodic music from games they have probably played. I hope this phenomenon becomes more widespread and complement the more highbrow concerts intended for adult audiences.

Smeg Jun 29, 2009

Sounds really cool. Can I take it from your mention of Peter and the Wolf that the arranger intends to similarly identify each character with a particular instrument?

Chris Jun 29, 2009

I only know as much as is in the article, but I think that could be the case. I'm pretty sure Valtonen is still busy with Symphonic Fantasies and won't start arranging until after the concert, but I bet he's already full of ideas. There should be a post-concert interview with him or Thomas, so look for more info then!

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