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avatar! Aug 2, 2011

I think Atlus is one of the best in the business! I don't like all their games, but overall they publish exceptional works and do a great job. Also, they tend to give nice premiums for pre-ordering (such as the Catherine soundtrack smile

Anyway, Atlus will be publishing King of Fighters XIII. I'm not really a fan of fighters, although they can be fun. However, Atlus is offering a premium for pre-ordering:

4 CD soundtrack compilation!! I think I'll write that again. 4 CD soundtrack compilation!!

I've never heard of such a premium before! This is not a "Deluxe Edition" or "Collector's Edition", this is a "free" gift for pre-ordering! Needless to say, I've pre-ordered! Thought I would spread the love smile

Amazingu Aug 2, 2011

Yeah, that's definitely a nice bonus, and I'm pretty stoked for the game itself as well.
I'm just not gonna preorder because I might get a copy for free from SNK if I'm lucky...

Pellasos Aug 2, 2011

i haven't decided where to buy the game yet since i want to start playing as soon as possible. i guess it depends entirely on the track selection of that bonus. a 4 CD pre-order incentive is a very respectable offer, you have to commend them on that.

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