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Push It Jan 27, 2011 (edited Feb 11, 2011)

This is my space-is-needed-much-more-than-money-right-now sale, so the pricing on these albums/sets will be relatively decent for those that are interested. For the sets, it will be unlikely that individual albums will be sold, but if there is enough interest in a number of albums from a particular set, then I will consider it.

A few other individual albums and sets will be added in the future, but I thought this would be a good start.

I will ship worldwide on most of these items, but the larger sets will be available only to the U.S. and Canada (shipping is not included in the prices listed below). As for payments, I will take the usual formats: Paypal, money orders, checks, and cash-ola American-o.

Oh, unless stated otherwise, these items should be considered brand new/factory sealed and authentic Japanese imports.

Growlanser Set ($40):
Growlanser II Soundtrack
Growlanser III Soundtrack
Growlanser IV Soundtrack
Growlanser V Soundtrack

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Set ($40):
Tokyo MaJin High School Taimajinshihen ~ Sakurazukuyo
Tokyo Ma-Jin High School Sougakushou Jin no Shou
Tokyo Ma-Jin High School Sougakushou Ten no Shou
Kamiyo Gakuen Makorouku Kurunugia -Music Compilation
Tenshou Gakuen Gekkouroku Original Soundtrack

Idea Factory Set ($50):  SOLD
Generation of Chaos Complete Bonus Soundtrack
Generation of Chaos Original Sound Track
Generation of Chaos Original Soundtrack The Best
Generation of Chaos IV Bonus Soundtrack
Spectral Force -Lovely Wickedness- Original Soundtrack
Spectral Gene Original Soundtrack
Spectral Force Original Soundtrack The Best
Spectral Souls Soundtrack The Best
Spectral Tower Original Soundtrack ~Poet Luce's Investigation
Spectral Souls II Bonus Soundtrack
Record of Agarest War Original Soundtrack

Arc the Lad Set ($40):  SOLD
Arc the Lad Original Game Soundtrack
Arc the Lad Sound Track Complete
Arc the Lad III Original Game Soundtrack
Arc the Lad Generation Original Soundtrack

Tenchu Set ($40):  ON HOLD
Tenchu 3 Original Sound Track
Tenchu Kurenai Original Soundtrack
Tenchu 4 Original Soundtrack
Tenchu Senran Original Soundtrack

Falcom Set ($300):   SOLD
VM Japan Original Soundtrack
Vantage Master Portable Original Soundtrack
Zwei Original Soundtrack
Zwei Original Soundtrack 2008
Zwei2 Original Soundtrack (including game)
Zwei Super Arrange Version
Dinosaur Resurrection Original Soundtrack
Dinosaur Complete FM Oscillator Version
Gurumin Original Soundtrack (including game)
MIDI Piano Sorcerian Forever
Sorcerian Super Arrange Version III Sengoku Sorcerian VS Pyramid Sorcerian
Sorcerian Super Arrange Version II Plus Sorcerian System Vol.1
Sorcerian Super Arrange Version
Music from Ys II Renewal
Perfect Collection Ys IキII - Super Arrange Version
Perfect Collection Ys IキII Complete Works of Ryo Yonemitsu
Symphony Ys -21st Century- (including game)
Ys & Ys II Eternal Original Soundtrack
Ys & Ys II Eternal, The Legend of Heroes IV -Unpublished Music-
Ys -The Oath in Felghana- JDK Special
Ys Origin Original Soundtrack
Music from Brandish 3: Spirit of Balcan
Brandish -The Dark Revenant- Original Soundtrack
Brandish Original Sound Track ~FM TOWNS & Renewal~
Ys Origin Super Arrange Version
Ys Premium Music CD Box in Felghana (8 CDs)
Ys VI -The Ark of Napishtim- Original Soundtrack
Wanderers From Ys X68000 Original Sound Track
Ys Strategy Original Soundtrack
Ys Super Collection(?)
The Legend of Heroes III White Witch Original Sound Track -first part-
The Legend of Heroes III White Witch Original Sound Track -second part-
The Legend of Heroes IV A Tear of Vermilion Original Sound Track
The Legend of Heroes V A Cagesong of the Ocean Original Sound Track -first part-
The Legend of Heroes V A Cagesong of the Ocean Original Sound Track -second part-
The Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki Original Sound Track
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki SC Original Sound Track
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Original Sound Track
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki FC & SC Super Arrange Version
The Legend of Heroes VI Unused Music
The Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki Super Arrange Version
The Legend of Heroes III JDK Special Vol. 1
The Legend of Heroes III JDK Special Vol. 2

Individual Soundtracks:
Phantasy Star Collection II ($75)
Parasite Eve Remixes ($35)
Shinobi Original Soundtrack ($35)
Star Ocean Perfect Sound Collecion ($40) "Shrinkwrap" is a bit rough on the backside
For Brighter Day: Phantasy Star Universe Original Soundtrack ($35)
Phantasy Star Universe Visual Book & Sound Track CD ($15)
Persona Original Soundtrack CD ($20)
Energy Breaker Soundtrack Game Sound Legend Series ($30)
Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Arrange & Sound Trax ($25)
Biohazard Outbreak Original Soundtrack ($20)
Lunar -Harmony of Silver Star- Limited Sound Track ($15)

Qui-Gon Joe Jan 27, 2011

Some super great deals there!  The Falcom lot would make me drool, but I have most of what I want from there already - would totally be interested in the Sora no Kiseki trilogy if you end up breaking that set up, though.  smile

Mercenary09 Jan 27, 2011 (edited Jan 27, 2011)

Wow, hm, well I'll ask a question that will probably be shot down due to your sale sets, but no harm in asking..

edit: (I hope it doesn't get junk'd)

Push It Jan 29, 2011

lappy wrote:

I got no reply...
Was I late?

You're probably late if I have not contacted you yet and the item/set you were looking at is labeled as "on hold".

Your e-mail might have been junk'd, but I did not have that problem with anyone else.

My sincerest apologies if that was the case.

layzee Jul 3, 2012

A bit, or rather too late and probably pointless as well... but I give a Neutral Feedback for user Push It.

In early February of 2011 (damn, it's been that long!?), I bought the Falcom bundle as shown in the first post and correspondence with the seller was quick (usually within 24 to 48 hours). Since a few of the items came in larger boxes (Zwei 2 game + OST, Ys Limited Set, Gurumin game + OST), it was agreed that all the jewel-case sized items would be sent in one package and the other three would be sent separately.

In early March, I received everything (except the aforementioned three items) plus a few freebie albums which was appreciated.

For the rest of March and early April, we were planning on how to ship the remaining items. Since the boxes were pretty large/irregular and there were multiple shipping options available, a few emails were exchanged between us to decide on the best option. Eventually, on the 12th of April (the last email I received from Push It), an approximate shipping price was quoted and I replied confirming that I was satisfied with that price. Since I didn't get a reply to from my email, I didn't make payment.

For the rest of the month of April, I sent a few more emails but did not receive replies for any of them. During the same period, Push It's forum account here on STC show him/her as not having been signed in, so I figured there was a reasonable explanation for the lack of communication like no Internet connection, moving house, illness, work, etc...

However, on the 2nd of June, I noticed Push It made a post on the forums ( … hp?id=6246). I am pretty sure I was online at the same time so at that exact moment, I sent another email to him/her directly, as well as sending an email through his/her profile page on STC (in case either email address was changed/inactive). However, still no reply.

On the 20th of June, Push It logged in and made another post ( … hp?id=6195). Evidently, I was also online at the same time or at least, same day, because my "Sent" folder shows that I sent yet another email to him/her on the 20th, with no reply. I also gave up at this point and decided to forget about the whole thing. He/she logged in again and posted on the 8th of August 2011 ( … hp?id=6387), which was the final post (but maybe not final log-in... there's no point but just for curiosity, can you check Adam?).

One day, I remembered this transaction, so on the 24th of June 2012 (almost exactly one year after my last email), I sent another email just for kicks. No reply of course. Also, as pointless as it is, I thought I'd detail my story here, just for kicks.

I consider myself a patient and forgiving guy but I guess in this particular case, I was too patient. Since I consider STC to be a small but tight-knit community with niche interests without the elitism/assholism/ghettoism of mainstream forums, I allowed myself to be even more too patient. Yeah, bad apples and all that or to be fair, an overall edible apple with a small rotten bit.

So why a neutral feedback instead of negative? Because the bundle deal was already a good deal even without the three extra game + OST big boxes, because of a few freebie albums, and because of good communication (initially), and because I didn't pay the shipping price of the three extra items (which obviously didn't get sent) meaning I didn't lose money there.

I was particularly looking forward to the "Symphony Ys -21st Century-" set which comes with the Ys anime DVDs. The Ys anime is an old-school "swords and sorcery" classic fantasy anime intended for teenagers, and with, I assume, non-technical/non-complicated character conversations. It's the perfect thing to study/practice the Japanese language on which I was hoping to do. Hopefully it has Japanese subtitles because deciphering Japanese speech/spoken dialogue is my weak point. Anyway, in that regard, it's a bit disappointing.

Like I said, I'm a very patient and forgiving dude. If you're (Push It) still alive, please ship those three items!

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