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American Nightmare Jul 30, 2007 (edited Jul 30, 2007)

Just a heads-up to fans of the POTC films: Disney Japan recently issued a soundtrack CD featuring the music from the Tokyo Disneyland POTC attraction.  It's available at (currently pictured on the bottom right of the featured items, otherwise just search under "New Arrival" category).

Angela Jul 31, 2007

Interesting find!  I'm venturing a guess that it's a collection of musical clips that's featured in the ride, along with a smattering of tracks from the original Curse of The Black Pearl film score, as evidenced by the inclusion of "He's A Pirate" and "Swords Crossed."  I've not gone on the revamped ride yet, but I'm presuming they implemented some of the movie's music to accompany the new changes?

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