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boco77 Oct 28, 2006

i'm sure i heard the song that plays in the game on the final stage where you're in japan (you start off in a prison area then go outside) somewhere before....anyone know?

TerraEpon Oct 28, 2006

Can you goto and say which SPC is the music you're talking about?


Shoebonics Nov 7, 2006

I know you'll hate me for saying this but I gave props to that Shoulder Lean song because it uses one of the same synth samples from one of the 'in-house' tunes from the game (can't remember which one though, there's so many!)

Shoebonics Nov 7, 2006

boco77 wrote:

36 - Road to the Castle

Isn't it loosely based on a Japanese national pride anthem like the one in Rival Schools?

Vaeran Nov 7, 2006

You know, he might be on to something here - that music sounded weirdly familiar to me too, the first time I played the game.  Damned catchy, too. *hums*

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