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Chris Nov 22, 2008

Does anyone know who composed the two Steel Battalion / Tekki games for Capcom? Also, does anyone know why Masafumi Takada recently said he was working on Steel Battalion when no new game has been announced? Maybe he's working on Infinite Space with the same development team instead?

Nick G Nov 22, 2008

No, but I sure wish I did. I searched awhile back and Takada's name was linked to Line of Contact's soundtrack somehow. If I thought I had a chance in hell of seeing the credits roll I'd hook up the original game and solve this mystery. The (complete) online gamerip simply credits Nudemaker, so maybe we're SOL. When I listen to it, especially the movie themes, I think Takada.

Chris Nov 22, 2008 (edited Nov 22, 2008)

Actually, I just did a search again on YouTube after my search a month back failed. I found the game credits and it listed Masafumi Takada as sound designer. No composer was credited per se but I assume he did that too. Didn't find anything for the sequel though.

Also, I did a search for Masafumi Takada + Infinite Space. Not much came up, but this one source seems to confirm he's the composer. Pretty cool, so I guess for PlatinumGames it's Masami Ueda for Bayonetta, Naoto Tanaka for MadWorld, and Masafumi Takada for Infinite Space.

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