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lordskylark Apr 10, 2006 (edited Apr 10, 2006)

Are there any sites that offer downloads for the various 3x3 eyes soundtracks (or at least samples). I know there's a mix between drama and actual soundtracks, and there's several soundtracks. I want to make sure I'm getting the ones that have the specific tracks that I like, before I go and purchase them somewhere.


lordskylark Apr 12, 2006

Thanks for that site.

But, I wanted something so that I could hear the music that's on the cd. I don't know the track names of any of the music (and I haven't seen the anime in years). I just really liked some specific tracks and wanted to make sure the cd had it.


Schala Apr 12, 2006

I'm assuming you're talking about the game soundtracks? I hadn't realized there were 3X3 Eyes games. I had some of the anime CDs, but I don't think I have them anymore.

lordskylark Apr 13, 2006

Actually, I am talking about the anime ones...

I know I want the two 'Holy Demo Legend' ones. but other than that, I wanted to listen to some music samples from some of others, including the drama ones, to see if I liked the music in them beforehand.


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