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avatar! Mar 31, 2011

Bach is one of my favorite composers. I just recently heard Julia Fischer perform his violin concertos and she is awesome! She's also cute, which doesn't affect the quality of her work, but I'm sure being cute is not bad for business smile

Her album with St. Martin in the Fields is just wonderful (and inexpensive)! She also plays a bit faster than other recordings I've heard, but it's a nice change of pace. Her technique is awesome, and she sounds great! Highly recommended.

Wanderer Mar 31, 2011

I'm not a Bach fan (I'd rather listen to Mozart) but I love Angela Hewitt's piano recordings.

Boco Mar 31, 2011

Sweet! I hadn't heard that one before. big_smile

Back when I actually cared about art music, I was pretty big into Bach and Glenn Gould was my go-to performer for keyboard works. He was a bit controversial at times, but that man truly knew his way around a piano. Amazing!

XLord007 Mar 31, 2011

I love the Brandenburg Concertos, but I couldn't tell you what recording I used to listen to.

Carl Apr 3, 2011

Angela wrote:

Oh hell yeah.  Between this, Parodius, and the Bemani series, Konami are the masters when it comes to classical music arrangements and remixes in video games.

For more classical tunes in arcade games, this is the compilation album for you:

Pedrith Apr 12, 2011

I really like Stokowski's Symphonic Bach (transcribed by the great late Leopold Stokowski--The conductor Bugs Bunny always pretends to be)

I also like several of the Bach Sonata's for Guitar, and C.P.E Bach's Cello Concertos.



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