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dma May 28, 2006 (edited May 28, 2006)

New volume of Amiga arrange album series, Immortal, is coming up soon.
And this one looks mighty sweet, check out the tracklist, 2 CDs and what a selection!


01. Apidya "Suite" (Hülsbeck)
02. Gods "Into the Wonderful" (Nation 12)
03. Theatre of Death (Clarke)
04. Ghouls'n Ghosts (Follin)
05. Turrican 2 (Hülsbeck)
06. Turrican 3 (Hülsbeck)
07. Fire and Ice (Page)
08. Pinball Dreams (Gustafsson)
09. Disposable Hero (Hoekman & Holt)
10. The Chaos Engine (Joseph)
11. Agony (Wright)
12. Death Mask "Something Evil" (Owens)
13. Defender of the Crown (Cuomo)
14. Lotus 3: The Ultimate Challenge (Phelan)
15. The Plague (Klaren)
16. Alien Breed (Brimble)
17. Aquaventura (Wright)
18. Ambermoon (Steinwachs)


01. Wings of Death (Hippel)
02. No Second Prize (Steinwachs)
03. Speedball 2 "Brutal Deluxe" (Nation 12)
04. Brat (Lynne)
05. Amberstar (Hippel)
06. Shadow of the Beast 2 (Wright)
07. Uridium 2 (Page)
08. Cardiaxx (Simmonds)
09. Pinball Fantasies (Gustafsson)
10. Elfmania (Eeben)
11. Overdrive (Brimble)
12. Ork (Bartlett)
13. Leander (Simmonds)
14. Obsession "Desert Run" (Almered)
15. Katakis (Zendeh)
16. Super Cars 2 (Leitch)
17. Trolls (Nixon)

I hope this one will be up to recent european VGM arrange releases (such as Nexus 6581). smile
The Apydia suite is apparently orchestral, probably recorded from one of the recent german VGM concerts then.

More infos: … ngchange=2

Adam Corn Aug 28, 2009

Immortal series producer Jan Zottmann informs me that volume 4 is in the works and that there is a contest underway to remix music from the Amiga version of Capcom's Final Fight, to be included on the upcoming CD.  Unfortunately the deadline is only a few days away at the end of this month, but any remixers out there who want to work their magic over the weekend (it need only be a demo, not the final version), see details here:

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