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Adam Corn Jul 1, 2014 (edited Dec 16, 2014)

jb just mentioned this in his Philadelphia Mann Center topic, but since the concert tour stretches beyond the NY/NJ/PA area I'm giving it it's own.  From the official announcement:

Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions will showcase memorable music from throughout the world of Pokémon, featuring all-new musical arrangements that will entertain not just Pokémon fans but all music lovers. Look forward to a wonderful symphonic experience that covers nearly 20 years of Pokémon entertainment around the world.

Concert schedule:

Aug 15: Washington, DC
Sep 19: Philadelphia, PA

Jan 17: Pittsburgh, PA  [tickets]
May 1: Baltimore, MD  [tickets]

Any fans of the series' music here?  Thoughts on any particular tracks that might make great orchestral versions?

absuplendous Jul 1, 2014

Although I'm a big fan of the franchise, I can't say Pokémon music ever really grabbed me. As time's gone by, later games have a few choice tracks, but if you asked me to name a favorite Pokémon track, I don't think I could really name one. I seem to be a minority amongst Pokémon fans in that regard, though.

That said, when arranged, those tracks can shine like a new penny, as we've seen before in music produced for Smash Bros. and the Pokémon anime. The latter tends to really bring the game tracks into full bloom, with lively battle themes and bombastic overtures (some of its original compositions aren't bad, either). I anticipate this being a great show, and given its relatively close proximity, I just might catch it. If they play this, it'd be well worth the trip.

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