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Adam Corn Jul 15, 2014

Composer and chiptune label Ubiktune founder C-jeff has signed on to compose for the Kickstarter-backed 2D platforming/shooting sci-fi game Temporus.  A sampling of the composer's intended sound for the project, "a blend FM synthesis of the Sega Genesis era and retro synth sounds, sprinkled with 8-bit elements of the NES era," can be heard on his SoundCloud for the project.

If the Kickstarter reaches its first stretch goal an arranged album will also be produced, featuring arrangements by Jake Kaufman, Vince DiCola & Kenny Meriedeth, Jeff Ball, Mitch Murder, coda, Aivi & Surasshu, FearofDark, and Blitz Lunar.

Funding for Temporus is underway until Sunday, July 20, at the game's Kickstarter page.

brandonk Jul 17, 2014

I pledged...but they've only got 3 days to make up half of their target, not sure it's going to reach the target...still big fan of C-Jeff and the game design has a definite Blaster Master influence.

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