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POPOBOT5000 Sep 20, 2006

I hate to do this, seeing as I seldom have anything to contribute here, but I have had little luck in finding any (non-Babelfished) translations of some song titles. I'm itching to put this Best of Chirox album on my iPod, but one of my many quirks is that songs with non-English titles must have an English translation in the tag before being iPoded.

Fortunately most of the songs on this album have English titles, but there are a few in Japanese, and considering her popularity, I'm surprised I haven't been able to find translated titles anywhere. If anyone could help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

The remaining untranslated song titles:

Yukai Na Kodou
Namae No Nai Miraizu
Tokiuta -Itsukiuta-
Tooku e
Hi No Ataru Basho
Kohaku No Yurikago
Yakusoku No Basho e

Thank you!

Schala Sep 20, 2006

What the hey, here's my attempt:

Yukai Na Kodou = Happy beat
Namae No Nai Miraizu = A figure in the nameless future
Tokiuta -Itsukiuta- = Song of religious purification?? Someone else could probably translate this better
Tooku e = To a distant place
Hi No Ataru Basho = A place that faces the sun??
Kohaku No Yurikago = Cradle of amber
Yakusoku No Basho e = To the promised land

raynebc Sep 20, 2006

Might I add that this is an awesome album for anybody wanting to get to know Chihiro Yonekura.

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