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Yotsuya Nov 2, 2011

Hey all- I am new to game music collecting and this community, but in my recent searching I have come across some cool stuff- this website, VGMdb, and a cool website called by way of VGMdb. Well on originalsoundversion I came across some posts about a chiptune label called Ubiktune and I am pretty impressed by a lot of the content on that site! Anyone else listen to Ubiktune or associated groups?

What first got me was Zeta Force by Zabutom, Tree of Knowledge, then Game Genie by Shnabubula, and now I am rocking out to Beautiful Lifestyle by George & Jonathan! I post this stuff on my facebook and nobody ever responds. My quote unquote friends don't understand me! Or at least appreciate what I do. :'(

Surely some of you here do!

Ramza Nov 2, 2011

I love a lot of the things Ubiktune has released. Control Me, Tree of Knowledge, Imposter Nostalgia, and I think the Bloodrayne Betrayal OST was officially released by them too? Pretty good stuff.

Smeg Nov 2, 2011

I'm familiar with a couple of the musicians associated with Ubiktune, but I didn't discover it till I found out virt had contributed a couple tracks (gotta check out anything Jake does). FM Funk Maddness!! is fricking awesome, and every friend I've played it for agrees.

Razakin Nov 3, 2011

Tree of Knowledge is a sweet little gem, really should check the other albums from their catalogue. Especially virt's Bloodrayne, but I hate when there's no physical releases. I want something to hold, not just zeros and ones.

Smeg Nov 3, 2011

Razakin wrote:

I hate when there's no physical releases. I want something to hold, not just zeros and ones.

I couldn't disagree more smile I am so through with the shortcomings and limitations of physical media.

Yotsuya Apr 24, 2012

Just a little update to gush over the new releases:

The Soundshock release is really good: … nk-terrror

Shnabubula's new album is brilliant interpretations of classic VGM

Virt's new album FX4 has tons of attitude

Maxo's album Fakebit is a class act

Ubiktune is knocking them all out of the park!

Leon Jun 6, 2012

Both FM SOUNDSHOCK releases range from quite good to unbelievable in quality. I personally prefer the second release, as it's got the better selection of FM-ready artists, some highly-representative and quality material from each artist, and better overall album low and adherence to the themes presented on the cover. Outside of that: Shnabubula's recent release Starbound is glorious (as would be expected), and I loved Coda's first release. Heard everything else is great, too, but some of it is inaccessible to a broke high-school student like me. Oh well.

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