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demalavor Nov 11, 2010 (edited Nov 15, 2010)

I've got a couple VGM CD's still kicking around at my place, haven't even looked at them in over two years, so I figure I might as well sell them off.  All are in excellent condition and contain Obi unless otherwise stated.  Shipping will be $5 to anywhere in Canada or the United States, it will vary with international shipping.  All CD's are $10 each, if you buy three or more I will cover the cost of shipping myself.  If you need any pictures or further information just let me know.  Thanks - matt

Arc the Lad Generation Original Soundtrack (KICA-1342)
Iris Original Soundtrack (KICA-1290)
Yuzo Koshiro Arrange Collection -Y2K- (WDCD-0025)
HITMAN 2 Silent Assassin Original Soundtrack (Autographed by Composer, Jesper Kyd) (LYNCD-011)
The Oneups Volume 1 & The Very Best of Sega (get both for $10)

I also have a couple other CDs that I'm not gonna charge for, if you want one i'll throw it in free when you purchase a CD

LiquidAcid Nov 11, 2010

I just wanted to remark that letting go the SaGa album for only 10USD is just crazy, this soundtrack is worth a lot more. This applies to the other SSCX / DigiCube release as well.

demalavor Nov 11, 2010

I've tried listing most of these before at prices which they are appraised at.  These are the leftovers that never sold, so I figure I'd just list them all at ten bucks to get them off my hands.  If you wanna pay more for them, by all means lol.

anosou Nov 12, 2010

I'd be interested in grabbing:

Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack (TOCT-24768-9)
Atelier Elie Unknown Origin (KDSD10005-6)
Psychic Force Original Soundtracks (ZTTL-0004)
Age of Mythology Original Soundtrack — as a bonus then

Shipping would be to Sweden.

Got an e-mail? Mine's mattias[a]anosou[dot]com

Captain Capitalist Nov 26, 2010

Just to make certain... do you know that each CD has a standard international flat rate shipping cost of $18.00 as its only shipping option?

demalavor Nov 27, 2010

I'll change it up depending on where it's being shipped too, I posted them in a bit of a rush, so for international shipping i'd just check at the post office for the rate to the specific area.

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