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Mik Feb 4, 2008

Hey everyone.  I'm just wondering if anyone here is planning on attending Video Games Live in Toronto this Saturday, February 9th.  I'm thinking of going since, well, I live in Toronto and I missed the previous VGL and Play concerts that came here.

And sorry for the lack of updates to GMR lately.  I had some big plans for it, but work got in the way.  It's cool that people still use the site.


Marcel Feb 4, 2008

Used to live in Toronto but moved to London (England).  I went to the last two shows and have to say that Play was far superior to VGL which was, admittedly, a little disappointing.  There might be a better show this time around, though.

Rimo Feb 4, 2008

I won't be at the Toronto show, but will be attending the one in Montréal the day before (Feb 8).

It's the first time an event dedicated exclusively to VGM will be happening in Québec, so I'm quite excited about it (although I have some reserves concerning the playlist and the organization). Meeting people who share this interest in person will be thrilling, yet I fear most who'll attend will be gamers first, and game music enthusiasts second (if they'll have any genuine interest for the music on a stand-alone basis at all). Should be an entertaining evening nonetheless.

And I'm looking forward to meet the composer of the Earthworm Jim series!

XLord007 Feb 4, 2008

Mik wrote:

It's cool that people still use the site.


Don't know what we'd do without it; it's incredibly useful.

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