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The Daver May 16, 2020 (edited Aug 5, 2022)

Prices are negotiable, especially if they're lower someplace else.
I'm willing to price match with someone else's prices.

I'm willing to provide free shipping on certain items,
depending on the item,
and the price I'm getting for it
(Hint: The more expensive an item, the more willing I am to offer free shipping).

My e-mail is: animuandvidya (at) protonmail (dot) com (Should read "Animu and Vidya at Protonmail dot com.")

I have PayPal, too, but I'll let you know what my PayPal is after you e-mail me.

Photos of each and every item are available upon request, and will be provided via e-mail.

P.S. I'm willing to trade for items of roughly equal value if there's a mutual trade we'd like to agree on.


These items are all in MINT condition, and you can expect them to include everything they originally came with.

All items were ORIGINALLY purchased brand new from online retailers like CD Japan, Play-Asia and others.

My original purchase receipts are available if you'd like to verify authenticity.

08.    $40 End of Eternity (KDSD-00358-363)

09.    $50 Final Fantasy X HD BLU-RAY (SQEX-20015) / (TGXS-564) OUT-OF-PRINT

10.    $20 Legend of Mana ~ Promise (SQEX-10510)

11.    $20 Lupin the Third ~ Fujiko Mine (COCX-37721)

16.    $15 Synchronica (SRIN-1144)


01.    $25 FFXI Stolen Hearts (Nanaa Mihgo's) (SQEX-10390) BRAND NEW

02.    $30 Guilty Crown (SVWC-70156~8) BRAND NEW

03.    $25 IA/VT - COLORFUL Collection 1 (ZMCL-1034) BRAND NEW

04.    $40 Orchestral SaGa (SQEX-10542) BRAND NEW

05.    $25 Seiken Densetsu ~ Rise of Mana (SQEX-10433) BRAND NEW

The Daver May 26, 2020 (edited May 26, 2020)

Been over a week, so I'll give this a *bump!*

Everything still listed is still for sale!

The Daver Feb 22, 2021 (edited Aug 5, 2022)


$20 Chrono Cross (SQEX-10047~9)
$15 Seiken Densetsu ~ Rebirth (SQEX-10272)

$10 Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet (Animated Movie)
$10 Song of the Sea (Animated Movie)

The Daver Aug 5, 2022 (edited Aug 5, 2022)


$20 Okami Henkyokushuu 2 Jazz (CPCA-10378)
$20 Okami Henkyokushuu 3 Lounge (CPCA-10379)
$20 Okami Henkyokushuu 4 Healing (CPCA-10390)

The Daver Aug 5, 2022 (edited Aug 5, 2022)


$25 Atelier Escha & Logy (GUSTCD-10011-3)
$30 Atelier Escha & Logy ANIME SOUNDTRACK (PCCG-90128) OUT-OF-PRINT
$30 Atelier Sophie (KECH-8049/51) OUT-OF-PRINT
$25 Atelier Firis (KECH-8053/6)
$25 Atelier 2017 Re-Arrange (KECH-8058)
$15 Ciel Nosurge Genometric Concert Vol.2 (FFCT-37) OUT-OF-PRINT

The Daver Aug 5, 2022 (edited Aug 5, 2022)

Still running this sale, if anyone is still interested!

My inventory listed here is up-to-date!
-The Daver
{2022 / 08 / 05}

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