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fusoya Feb 13, 2006

I was wondering if anyone out there had a complete translated track listing for this CD, including which artists composed and performed each track?  My japanese is not that great and my attempts to find it on the net have proved fruitless.  Any help would be awesome.  thanks all!


Godai Feb 13, 2006 (edited Feb 13, 2006)

01 Introduction
   Lyrics - Composer: NAMCO (Yu Miyake)  Arranger: NAMCO (Akitaka Tohyama)

02 Katamari on the Rocks
   Singer: DOKAKA  Lyrics: NAMCO (Yu Miyake) / DOKAKA  Composer: NAMCO (Yu Miyake)  Arranger: DOKAKA

03 Overture II
   Composer: NAMCO (Asuka Sakai / Yu Miyake)

04 Katamari on the Swing
   Singer: Shigeru Matsuzaki  Lyrics: NAMCO (Yu Miyake / Yoshihito Yano)
   Composer: NAMCO (Yoshihito Yano / Yu Miyake)  Arranger: NAMCO (Yu Miyake)

05 Kuru Kuru Rock
   Singer: Illreme  Lyrics - Composer - Arranger: Illreme

06 Everlasting Love
   Singer: Alisa  Lyrics - Composer - Arranger: NAMCO (Akitaka Tohyama)

07 Bluff Spirit
   Singer: Kirinji  Lyrics: NAMCO (Keita Takahashi)  Composer: Asuka Sakai
   Arranger: Asuka Sakai / Horigome Takaki

08 Beautiful Star
   Composer: NAMCO (Yoshihito Yano / Yu Miyake)  Arranger: NAMCO (Yu Miyake)

09 Angel's Rain
   Singer: YOU  Lyrics - Composer - Arranger: NAMCO (Hideki Tobeta)

10 Houston
   Singer: Katamari Robo  Lyrics - Composer - Arranger: NAMCO (Hideki Tobeta)

11 Blue Orb
   Singer: Kahimi Karie by the courtesy of Victor Entertainment, Inc. Japan
   Lyrics: Kahimi Karie  Composer: Tomoki Kanda

12 Katamari Holiday
   Singer: Yuusama  Lyrics - Composer - Arranger: NAMCO (Yuri Misawa)

13 Baby Universe
   Singer: Maki Nomiya  Lyrics - Composer - Arranger: NAMCO (Hiroshi Okubo)

   Singer: Kenji Ninuma  Lyrics - Composer: NAMCO (Hiroshi Okubo) 
   Arranger: NAMCO (Hiroshi Okubo / Yu Miyake)

15 Scorching Savanna
   Singer: John the Dog / Bigmouth the Duck / Yuuhi the Crow / Pe the Goat / Booby the Pig /
   Sexy the Cat / Nyuu the Cow
   Composer: NAMCO (Yoshihito Yano / Yu Miyake / Asuka Sakai / Hideki Tobeta / Yuri Misumi /
   Akitaka Tohyama)  Arranger: NAMCO (Yoshihito Yano / Yu Miyake)

16 The Royal Academy of Katamari
   Composer: NAMCO (Katsuro Tajima)  Arranger: NAMCO (Katsuro Tajima)

17 King of King's Song
   Singer: Kitomu Miyaza  Lyrics: NAMCO (Yu Miyake / Takeshi Ugajin / Yuri Misawa)
   Composer: NAMCO (Katsuro Tajima)  Arranger: NAMCO (Yuri Misawa / Yu Miyake)

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