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LuxKiller65 Dec 19, 2021

I expect to die before I complete this list, but I'm super happy about MIDI power X68000 Ver. 3, since I missed a sealed copy several years ago.
If I had to choose one out of those I'm after, it would have to be KICA-1005. There has got to be a sealed copy somewhere - probably sitting in someone's collection in Japan or USA. Or in a dark drawer in a disc shop in the outskirts of Osaka.

Here's the X68000 album: … .jpg?raw=1

And Perfect Selection Dracula: … .jpg?raw=1

LuxKiller65 Jan 7, 2023

I have updated the list, not that I expect anything to happen. The few I found I just had to wait for them to show up on some auction sites...

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