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Qui-Gon Joe Mar 2, 2018

Have been super busy lately and haven't had much time to log in, but it seems there's no thread here on a couple new Nintendo OSTs that have recently been announced.  The first is Xenoblade 2, which is getting a 5 disc regular edition, a 6 disc special edition (6th disc has piano arrangements and some bonus stuff), and a suuuuper limited (already sold out on Amazon Japan) version that is just the whole soundtrack on a fancy USB stick that looks like Pyra/Homura's core crystal.  ...which looks like a Zohar, because Takahashi loves that shape.  In any case, I loved the soundtrack to this game, so I jumped right on the 6 disc version and am very much looking forward to it!  The game itself was... problematic in some ways and not as good as the first one in my opinion, but I still liked it a lot and the music was lovely.

Special CD edition:
Plebeian edition:

Qui-Gon Joe Mar 3, 2018

The_Paladin wrote:

Well the special edition also seems to have sold out?

Hmm... it seems you're right.  Mitsuda kept tweeting it going back in stock every once in awhile for the last few days, but his most recent indicates they may now be out of those.  sad

jb Mar 4, 2018 (edited Mar 4, 2018)

The initial print run of Type A sold out in ~5 hours, while most US / West coast users were sleeping. The Type B sold out in about 12 hours, but due to overwhelming demand they printed a second batch that went up at 13:00 JST 3/3. That seems to have sold out in a little under 24 hours. Mitsudas tweets were pretty explicit, that’s it for both deluxe editions and they aren’t doing another run. The only alternatives are the standard edition or wait for secondary market.

Wanderer Mar 4, 2018

The music is really the best part of the game, which I found a slog to get through (and a major disappointment after the first was one of my favorite JRPGs). By the end, I hated almost every single person in the party (having a very low tolerance for anime tropes) but was pushing through because I wanted to hear the soundtrack in context. I'll definitely be picking up the regular edition.

The_Paladin Mar 5, 2018

Ugh... this happened with Nier: Automata and the hacking tracks disc... I have yet to buy the album due to seeing if I can't find a good price getting a used version with the hacking tracks

Zorbfish Mar 5, 2018 (edited Mar 5, 2018)

I doubt it will be that hard to get a copy when it comes out. Seems everyone are already flipping the type b preorders all over yahoo auctions.

I'll stick with the standard edition.

Qui-Gon Joe Mar 5, 2018

The_Paladin wrote:

Ugh... this happened with Nier: Automata and the hacking tracks disc... I have yet to buy the album due to seeing if I can't find a good price getting a used version with the hacking tracks

Exact same thing happened to me with Nier: Automata - I can't believe that I missed the version with the stupid bonus disc and ended up having to nab that one from Yahoo Auctions.  sad

Jon Turner Mar 7, 2018

I for one thought Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was fantastic.  I'm totally in love with the game, and even after finishing it, I'm still honestly blown away by it.  I was totally captivated from the start.  The anime-aesthetic was a nice touch, the characters were likeable and interesting, and the ending really packed a huge emotional punch.  I can't think of anything bad to say about it.

And yes, the soundtrack is absolutely TERRIFIC.  Xenoblade Chronicles X's score proved to be jarringly controversial and audience-dividing for many fans spoiled by the first soundtrack, but this one is a worthy continuation.  It helps to have the returning composers from the first game as well as more of Yasunori Mitsuda.  The orchestrations and compositions are all excellent all around, and it is absolutely beyond thrilling to have this modern masterpiece released on CD at last.  I'm looking forward to reviewing it (as I did the original XBC) when I get my hands on it.  Hopefully Mr. Adam Corn will allow me to do so.

Jon Turner May 14, 2018 (edited Mar 3, 2022)

I swear, the images in this link are absolutely beautiful.  I can't wait to get my hands on it.  This is one of the best soundtracks in recent years.

I also really like that the soundtrack is being presented this time in game order.  I was always baffled that the original Xenoblade OST decided to move the events and boss battles onto two CDs and reserved the remaining town and area themes to the latter two.  I'm one of those people who prefers hearing things chronologically, so kudos to them.

Here's a video previewing this gorgeous soundtrack. … jMArkh7Xwk

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