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Daniel Sep 21, 2010

Hey all,
Did anyone get this?  How is the soundtrack that comes bundled with the game?  Is it complete or only a few tracks?  Just wondering before i plop down nearly 50 bucks for this!


FuryofFrog Sep 21, 2010

I got it. The game is quite excellent and the CD is awesome too. The think is that its not a Live JDK album or anything. Its about half of the official Japanese release. If you buy the special edition buy it because you want a very handsome cloth map and a large quantity of the music. If you would rather buy the Japanese release and don't care about a map then you'd be better served by the regular release.

Pellasos Sep 21, 2010

don't forget there is an artbook packed in too with illustrations from Ys I-III and Seven.

the game is well worth the higher price, it captured me completely these last few weeks and it ended up being the top game of the year. but as stated before, the OST isn't complete.

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