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Another Mind Original Soundtrack



74 minutes total
  1. Another Mind
  2. Introduction
  3. A Drop of Anxiety
  4. Guiding Wind
  5. Gentle Wind
  6. High School Days
  7. Reconcilation
  8. Piece and Piece
  9. Ripples on Mind
  11. CLIMAX
  13. Mind Therapy
  14. A Dreamy Cat
  15. A Hazy Cat
  16. Silence and Loneliness
  17. Heart is Capricious
  18. Capricious Illusions
  19. Capricious Orgel
  20. Stealing in
  21. A Sensless Act of Violence
  22. An Endless Chase
  23. Amplification of Selves
  24. finale
  • Released Nov 21, 1998 by Digicube (catalog no. SSCX-10024, retail 2039 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Beyond commonplace.

Reader review by Kei Morii

Few of Junya Nakano's songs from Gun Hazard grabbed me. Since then, I was longing for a work made by him alone. In 1998, I bought Another Mind OST. This is Nakano's first solo project. The soundtrack exhibits an exquisite balance between lyricism and mystery. I was attracted by the wonderful compositions. It confirmed my conviction that he is a veritable talented composer.

The most notable thing about the CD is the quite charming ambience and pop. Nakano stealthily inserted opposite tones, such as muddy bass and ominous howling. The opening theme is "Another Mind", where bold percussions alternate with the cheerful melody in the uplifting background at a brisk pace. I was so taken aback by the overwhelming sound that words escaped me. Added are calm piano versions of the moody "A Drop of Anxiety", graceful "Guiding Wind", and bright "Gentle Wind". "Reconcilation" gradually pleased me with its skillful transitions.

On the other hand, some drum'n'bass shows up occasionally to thoroughly add suspense and excite. "A Sensless Act of Violence" unleashes villany with throbbing rhythm reminiscent of "Enemy Raid" from Gun Hazard. Moreover, "Amplification of Selves" rushes for madness at full tilt with high-pitched beep accompaniment.

The rest of the songs are remarkable, too. "A Dreamy Cat" servs strange bewitchery with melancholy cello samples. "Heart is Capricious" is sweet although even somewhat out of tune, intentionally.

Contradictory tones merge into the entire CD, in the end granting a distinctness that previous Square soundtracks lack. According to the liner notes, it took about only two months to compose all of the twenty four tracks. The main sound source was an SC-88 Pro. When reading this, I was astonished by the soundtrack even more. Another Mind Original Soundtrack is indeed a great feat.

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