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Giant Robo II Original Soundtrack

"An orchestral tour de force right on par with the first." Highly Recommended



43 minutes total
  1. Main Title
  2. Rush! Issei & Yoshi
  3. Giant Robo in a Severe Fight
  4. Giant Robo Through an Accident
  5. Secret of the Shizuma Drive
  6. Bashtarlle's Recollection
  7. Dr. Shizuma's Compensation
  8. Darkness Covering Beijing Sky ~ Human Generator Taiso
  9. Infiltration... Big Fire
  10. The Black Ball Vogler
  11. The Day Earth Stood Still
  12. The Inversion! Giant Robo vs. Uranus
  13. Conversation Under the Water
  14. Shizuma's Will ~ Daisaku's Determination
  15. Episode 2 Ending
  • Released Oct 24, 2002 by Tokuma Japan Communications (catalog no. TKCA-72240, retail 2000 yen).


An orchestral tour de force right on par with the first.

Highly Recommended

Editor's review by Adam Corn (2008-12-23)

The first Giant Robo OST was nothing less than a soundtrack event. If a musical style could be done with an orchestra or chorus then Giant Robo probably had it, and did it as well as any soundtrack you'll find. Fortunately the first episode wasn't a fluke - Giant Robo II Original Soundtrack offers the same variety and overall excellence as its predecessor, through both exciting arrangements of earlier themes and an array of original classics.

Giant Robo II's most impressive original theme is perhaps the most exhilarating of the entire series. "Rush! Issei and Yoshi" adds Hollywood Western to the series' already extensive list of styles, and from the opening salvo to the rambunctious main melody to the final, climactic repeat, it's a bona fide classic. Even after owning the soundtrack for years now, I still never fail to repeat the theme at least once on every listen.

Other standout themes original to OST2 include the delicate but devious flute segment in "Giant Robo Through an Accident", the apocalyptic "The Black Ball Vogler" and the forceful, brass-driven "Inversion! Giant Robo vs. Uranus". With the exception of "Inversion!" these themes might not be as memorable as "Rush!" or the major themes established in OST1, but they keep the drama at a consistently high level.

Many of those memorable themes from OST1 appear as reprises here, and in almost all cases they offer something new, if not improved, over the originals. "Main Title" and "Secret of the Shizuma Drive" add short but substantial organ intros. Both "Shizuma's Will ~ Daisaku's Determination" and "Episode 2 Ending" reprise the Experts of Justice theme, the former with a tender orchestral rendition and the latter with a more dramatic choral version. Best of all are the reprises of OST1's gorgeous "Tragedy of Bashtarlle" operatic theme into equally gorgeous instrumental versions. Whether led by woodwinds in "Bashtarlle's Recollection" or strings in "The Day the Earth Stood Still", the theme is every bit worth repetition.

Really all that's lacking in this second Giant Robo soundtrack are lighter fare like OST1's "View From Up High", and ethnic-flavored compositions as heard in previous and later installments. That's merely an observation and not a complaint - the score keeps the emphasis on the drama and does it far too well to complain. For anyone with the slightest taste for an orchestra, Giant Robo II Original Soundtrack joins its predecessor as an essential soundtrack.

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