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Icewind Dale Soundtrack



64 minutes total
  1. The Tale of Icewind Dale (Movie 1)
  2. Icewind Dale Theme
  3. Easthaven in Peace
  4. Hrothgar's Home
  5. Temple of Tempus
  6. The Lost Caravan
  7. Drums of the Dead
  8. Avalanche at the Pass (Movie 2)
  9. Kuldahar Theme
  10. Arundel's Home
  11. Vale of Shadows
  12. Lysan's Lair
  13. Kresselack's Tomb
  14. Kresselack's Lair
  15. Temple of the Forgotten God Entrance
  16. Temple of the Forgotten God Interior
  17. Heartstone Shrine
  18. The Dragon's Eye
  19. Yxunomei's Lair
  20. Severed Hand Entrance
  21. Severed Hand Interior
  22. The Mage Tower
  23. Lerrel's Daughter
  24. Lerrel's Astrolab
  25. The Heartstone Gem (Movie 3)
  26. Upper Dorn's Keep Entrance
  27. Upper Dorn's Keep Interior
  28. Drow & Orog Gate
  29. Umber Hulk Labyrinth
  30. The Wyrm's Tuth Entrance
  31. Aquarium of Alkonos
  32. Frost Giant Cave
  33. Lower Dorn's Deep
  34. Svirfneblin Refugee Camp
  35. Marketh's Palace
  36. Artisan's District
  37. The Fallen Temple
  38. Belhifet's Doom
  39. Return to Easthaven (Movie 4)
  40. Easthaven in Pieces
  41. Success! (Movie 5)
  • Released in 2000 by Interplay (catalog no. ISBN 1-57629-610-5, retail $9.95).
  • Ten bonus tracks are included at the end that are not listed on the track list.
  • Avaliable only from Interplay's online store,
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A must have!

Reader review by Tim Bocek

Having played through most of Icewind Dale, I already knew what to expect when buying this CD: some of the most breathtaking music ever to be heard in a computer game, even the Final Fantasy series, with sound quality that rivals that of a real orchestra. Needless to say, I got what I expected from this CD which, to my knowledge, this is a complete soundtrack (although some tracks are found on the unlisted bonus section).

Although I must admit that the opening movie theme didn't exactly blow my socks off, that's probably because its more ambient than some of the other tracks. If you're into ambient music or listen to a lot of film scores, you might like it. Next is the Icewind Dale theme itself. It starts out as a piece of music as wild and untamed as the Dale itself, and thus fits the setting perfectly. However, towards the end it starts to transform into something just as beautiful as it is wild, and your jaw will be on the floor by the end of the track. Next up is the Easthaven theme, a beautiful sweeping track to rival most film scores. My only complaint is that it sounds a bit majestic to portray the backwater village of Easthaven, but is perfect as an "adventure starting out" theme.

If you don't realize what a gem this CD is by now, you will after a few more tracks. Track 9, the hauntingly beautiful Kuldahar Theme, is arguable the best piece on the entire disc! Fans of celtic music will love this one, as it definitely displays strong celtic origins. Even if you're not big into celtic music, I guarantee that Kuldahar Theme will be a real treat.

The rest of the CD is equally good, and displays some awesome work in the dungeon tracks. For example, Yxunomei's Lair, though extremely short, perfectly foreshadows the major battle that is to come. Who could forget the bombastic brass of Lower Dorn's Deep, a track which portrays the giant, slave driven forge so well that you can almost feel the heat of the tons of molten iron?

Finally, the last movie, Victory!, starts with a fanfare to rival all fanfares, then moves into something that sounds just as sinister as anything else on the CD. Since I never finished the game, I am left wondering where the sinister part came from, but it does little to detract from the CD as a whole. After that there are ten bonus tracks, but since I don't know where most of them are from I won't go into much detail. I'll just say that they uphold the some quality of composition that is prevalent throughout the rest of the CD.

Any complaints I have are minor. First off, most of the tracks are extremely short. They average at about one minute, with a few just barely above the thirty second mark. Its a shame that the track ends right as you're getting into it, but the quality is more than enough to make up for it. Second is the lack of battle tunes, which was a problem in the game also. To my knowledge there are only three in the entire game (Lysan's Lair, Battle with Yxunomei (bonus track), and Belhifet's Doom). There isn't even a last boss theme! Third is the fact that some of the actual game tracks are listed as bonus tracks. Why didn't they just put them in the main track list?

But despite those minor problems, Icewind Dale is definitely a soundtrack worth having. Its music rivals most Hollywood film scores, and outclasses anything found in a video game to date. To fans of the game or of orchestral music, I would recommend it in an instant. To anyone else, give it some consideration. Even if game music or orchestral music isn't your cup of tea, there's bound to be something here that you'll enjoy.

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