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Jumping Flash! 2 Original Game Soundtrack


  • Takao Miratsu (composition)


61 minutes total
  1. JF2-End Rap La Muu Muu (Techno Mix)
  2. JF1-W1 Jump In The Grassland!
  3. JF1-W2 Checking Out The Ruins
  4. JF1-W3 Hello, Amusement Park
  5. JF1-W4 Slippery Ice Land
  6. JF1-W5 Chinatown
  7. JF1-W6 Distant Cosmos
  8. JF1-W1 Boss Dragon Machine
  9. JF1-W2 Boss Scorpion Machine
  10. JF1-W3 Boss Genie Machine
  11. JF1-W4 Boss Turtle Machine
  12. JF1-W5 Boss Transforming Cube Machine
  13. JF1-W6 Boss Aloha Robo
  14. JF-Select Which One To Do?
  15. JF2-W1 Jump In Hawaii!
  16. JF2-W2 Checking Out The Castle
  17. JF2-W3 My Babel
  18. JF2-W4 Aloha's Secret Base
  19. JF2-W5 Hello Again, Amusement Park
  20. JF2-W6 Capitan Hausu
  21. JF1-End That's It, Isn't It?
  22. JF2-End Rap La Muu Muu
  • Released May 2, 1996 by Antinos (catalog no. ARCJ-36, retail 2780 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Unusual but lots of fun.

Reader review by Ben Martin

The Jumping Flash 2 soundtrack is of a rare breed of game music that doesn't fit into any one discernable category, but still turns out great. This is one of only a few soundtracks I really enjoy that strays from the norm.

There aren't any orchestral pieces. There are a few rock tunes, but they do not dominate the CD in any way. Every tune has its own distinct feel. And most of them make you feel good. There is the opening "Rap La Muu Muu". Now as far as rap goes this is a joke, but the beat is nice and they throw in that bass guitar that always makes me wanna move. That same techno/dance feel is the closest thing to a constant here. It seems to somehow permeate every tune, even though the tunes are very different. There are a few rock tunes, a few funky tunes, "Chinatown" which has that usual Oriental sound, and a couple with a Hawaiian flavor.

I can't honestly say I like every tune, but I like enough of them to make me wanna to listen to this one regularly. My personal favorites would have to be "Distant Cosmos" (oh so funky), "Boss Genie Machine" (makes you wanna get up and move), and "Boss Dragon Machine". Give this one a try, you just might be surprised by it!

Bouncy and childish in nature, but makes you want to jump around nonetheless.

Reader review by Adam Page

Jumping Flash!2 Original Game Soundtrack contains songs from both JF!1 and its sequel. Unfortunately, some of the songs from each game have been left out, so the soundtrack is not complete. However, most of what *is* included is certainly good enough to jump around to.

The songs are all OSV with the exception of a Techno Mix of "Rap La Muu Muu", the ending track from JF!2. My personal favorites are "Slippery Ice Land" (ever heard a thumping bass and a cello section combined?), "Distant Cosmos" (Papa's got a brand new funk!), "Transforming Cube Machine" (killer boss music), "Aloha Robo" (Falcom-esque power rock), "Jump In Hawaii!" (a little milder, but great ukulele), and "Aloha's Secret Base" (a brutal rhythm and industrial melody make this the most "grown-up" track on the CD). There's also the hilarious "Rap La Muu Muu" (performed in Japanese) which, surprisingly, remained intact for the American release of the game.

While most of the songs here are undeniably bouncy and childish in nature, they are certainly well-composed and provide a nice contrast to other more popular game soundtracks.

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