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Killer Instinct Gold Cuts


  • The Lads (vocals)


36 minutes total
  1. Title Tune
  2. Select
  3. Maya (Game Version)
  4. Maya (Remix)
  5. Sabrewulf
  6. Jago (Game Version)
  7. Jago (Shakuhachi Remix)
  8. Combo
  9. Tusk
  10. Kim Wu
  11. Orchid
  12. Glacius
  13. Fulgore
  14. Spinal
  15. Gargos
  16. Training Mode
  • Released Oct 1996 by Nintendo (retail $14).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


An awesome fighting game soundtrack with several musical styles.

Essential Listening

Reader review by Valaris (2008-07-06)

Killer Instinct Gold Cuts is the soundtrack to the Nintendo 64 version of Killer Instinct 2, called Killer Instinct Gold. It contains all the original music from the game, including the title theme, menu theme, training mode theme, as well as all the character themes. The CD even includes the music played during the time to perform a finishing move, as well as the music played when a match is finished.

Also included are remixed versions of two character themes, Maya's and Jago's. These remixes are basically extended versions of the original songs, with longer openings, extra bridges, and some added instruments.

One great thing about the soundtrack is its variety. While some of the tracks, such as "Sabrewulf" and "Tusk", sound like heroic orchestral music, others, such as "Combo", have a more modern dance, hip-hop sound. Still others have a futuristic or electronic feeling, such as "Fulgore" and "Glacius". I believe the composers really took into consideration not just the arenas, but also the characters when creating the music for this game.

Overall, I found this album to be excellent, containing samples of various musical styles and yet a constant feeling of fighting action. Should you ever come across it, I would strongly recommend getting it.

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