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Music from The Legend of Xanadu II


  • Tomohiko Kishimoto (arrangement 5 tracks)
  • JDK Band (performance 5 tracks)
  • Satoshi Arai (composition)
  • Mieko Ishikawa (composition)
  • Naoki Kaneda (composition)
  • Hirofumi Matsuoka (composition)
  • Masaru Nakajima (composition)
  • Atsushi Shirakawa (composition)
  • Takahiro Tsunashima (composition)


2 discs, 136 minutes total

Disc 1 (67 minutes)

  1. Passage of Ocean
  2. Misfortune Hunch
  3. Peaceful Enclosure
  4. Acquisition
  5. Pleasant Estimation
  6. Scattered Islands
  7. Extremity Fear
  8. Shipwreck
  9. Formation
  10. First Attack
  11. Triumphal Song
  12. Big Storm
  13. Sea Breeze Town
  14. Moderation Tears
  15. (?)
  16. Fertile Plain
  17. Over the Desert
  18. Ancient Relics
  19. Brave of Blaze
  20. Forest of Shudder
  21. Apparition Trees
  22. Weird Air
  23. Idleness Sleep
  24. (?)
  25. Underground Water Course
  26. Immovable Fossil
  27. In Her Mind
  28. Magtnificence Street
  29. Elegence Residence
  30. Powdery Snow
  31. Heart Warm
  32. Vast & Sever
  33. Mist Land
  34. Break Through
  35. Retreat
  36. Bad Past
  37. The Missing Is...
  38. Calm Reception
  39. Crystal Valley
  40. Heavenly Praise
  41. One's Last Moment
  42. Blind Man
  43. Cave of Ocean Floor
  44. Tragedy Knight
  45. Hard Pressure
  46. Evil's Supremacy
  47. Into the Dark
  48. Throne of Close
  49. Slash for Chap
  50. Down to the Abyss
  51. Happy-Go-Lucky
  52. Supremacy Title

Disc 2 (69 minutes)

  1. Invitation for the New World
  2. From Faraway
  3. Recollection of Past
  4. The Triumphal Hymn
  5. Three Years Later
  6. The Realms of Goddess
  7. Sophia
  8. The Last of Dragon Slayer
  9. Whereabouts of Destiny
  10. Seventh Soul
  11. Balmy Wind
  12. Unknown Truth
  13. Graceful Decision
  14. Ambition Territory
  15. Longing Desire
  16. Sternly Spirit
  17. Destruction Bell
  18. Darkness Thunderclap
  19. Final Awakening
  20. Other Side of Sorrows
  21. Daylight Promise
  22. Some Day, Some Where
  23. On Blue Brilliant Place
  24. Following Wind
  25. Supremacy Title (Arranged)
  26. Hard Pressure (Arranged)
  27. Sea Breeze Town (Arranged)
  28. Blind Man~Over the Desert (Arranged)
  29. Brave of Blaze (Arranged)
  • Released Aug 23, 1995 by King (catalog no. KICA-1165~6, retail 3800 yen).
  • Disc 1: game soundtrack PCG versions. Disc 2 1-24: game soundtrack PCM versions. Disc 2 25-29: JDK Band versions arranged by Tomohiko Kishimoto.
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A soundtrack with a second disc of incredible synth-symphonic music.

Reader review by Alex Kossey

When I first ordered Music from Legend of Xanadu 2, I didn't know what to expect. I'd never even heard of the series before. When I popped the first CD into my computer, I got slightly annoyed by what I heard. Immediately I hated the Falcom employee who gave Sound Team JDK the trashy samples that were used to write this music. The sounds were horrible and very obviously took up very little of the game space. I flipped through the first CD rather quickly, trying to find some decent tracks with basic Falcom rock on them similar to the Ys games. Disappointingly, I didn't find any. Some of the tracks on disc 1 were enjoyable, but still not up to my expectations for Sound Team JDK.

I was in for a *huge* surprise with disc 2, which has a very different sound. These tracks seem to have been recorded from very good synthesizers. In fact, almost every track from the PCM selections (disc 2 tracks 1-24) is *incredible*, especially "Triumphal Hymn" and "Last of Dragon Slayer". Although this music is not typical Falcom rock, it does use an excellent synthesized orchestra. "Final Awakening" is notable because of its incredibly evil sound. The ending tracks (20-24) are very impressive, with "Following Wind" being your basic Falcom ending theme.

The JDK Band arrangements sound similar to something you'd hear on the Ys Renewal CDs. They illustrate how the whole disc 1 probably would have sounded if Sound Team JDK had had decent samples to use.

All in all, this is one of my favorite game music CDs because of disc 2. While I could care less about the first disc, disc 2's incredible music makes up for the whole thing, and I've listened to it time and time again. If you like Sound Team JDK at all, you should get this CD and check out a different side of their music. It is a very succesful change in style for them.

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