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  • Robyn Miller (composition, performance)


41 minutes total
  1. Myst Theme
  2. Treegate
  3. Planetarium
  4. Shipgate
  5. The Tower
  6. The Last Message (Forechamber Theme)
  7. Fortress Ambience Part I
  8. Fortress Ambience Part II
  9. Mechanical Mystgate
  10. Sirrus' Cache
  11. Sirrus' Theme -- Mechanical Age
  12. Achenar's Cache
  13. Achenar's Theme -- Mechanical Age
  14. Compass Rose
  15. Above Stoneship (Telescope Theme)
  16. Sirrus' Theme -- Stoneship Age
  17. Achenar's Theme -- Stoneship Age
  18. Selenitic Mystgate
  19. The Temple of Achenar
  20. Sirrus' Theme -- Channelwood Age
  21. Achenar's Theme -- Channelwood Age
  22. Un-finale
  23. Finale
  24. Fireplace Theme
  25. Early Selenitic Mystgate
  26. Original Un-finale
  • Released in 1998 by Cyan (catalog no. 7243-8-45528-2-4, retail $9.95).
  • Track Headings: Myst Island (tracks 1-6); Mechanical Age (tracks 7-13); Stoneship Age (tracks 14-17); Selenitic Age (track 18); Channelwood Age (tracks 19-21); Finale (tracks 22-23); Bonus Tracks (tracks 24-26)
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Great moody ambience, but it's not for everybody.

Reader review by Ryan Harvey

Originally, MYST was to be a game without any music at all. On a whim, Robyn Miller composed a single song, and it ultimately inspired him to create an entire soundtrack. The result is a wonderfully crafted work of art which reflects the truly unique nature of the game.

The music presented over the one disc is entertaining, but it lacks the melodic power which can be found elsewhere. In other words, it's background music. Despite this, the music of MYST has a definitive emotional quality to it. From the ominous melody of Sirrus' Theme to the eerie sounds of Fortress Ambience, this CD will give you chills. While much of the music sounds desolate and lonely, many tracks are uplifting, in their soft benign melodies. The Finale is a very soothing piece which is certainly up to par with the best of RPG orchestrated fare.

The sound quality, while I cannot think of anything to compare it to, is excellent. It was all done on a synthesizer, but the sounds are neither tinny nor overexaggerated. Miller selected a perfect spectrum of synthesized instruments to carry the music.

Like the game, every track will evoke a mood, making for an interesting listen. To fans of the game, this CD should not be missed. From a more objective perspective, however, I would not recommend this CD to those in search of a powerful symphony or some wailing drums and distorted guitars. The neutral, soft style of the music makes MYST an extremely absorbing experience. MYST is the epitome of mood music, and is well worth the price.

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