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Origin Soundtrack Series Volume 2


  1. Ultima VII / Serpent Isle Combat (Ultima 7: The Black Gate, Ultima 7: Serpent Isle)
  2. Conversation with Gwenno (SI)
  3. Monk's Theme / Fellowship Theme (TBG, SI)
  4. Chamber Music / Love Theme / Passion Play (TBG, SI)
  5. Emp Theme / Gwani Theme (TBG, SI)
  6. Bane's Theme / Shamino the Amoral (SI)
  7. Fortune Teller / Seedy Bar / Camping (TBG, SI)
  8. Ghost (SI)
  9. Great Earch Serpent's Theme / Batlin's Theme (SI)
  10. Dupre's Death / Love (A Virtue) (TBG, SI)
  11. Torture / Wall of Lights (TBG, SI)
  12. Stones (TBG, SI)
  13. Dragon's Flight (TBG, SI)
  14. Strike Commander Combat (Fledgling) (Strike Commander)
  15. Selim's Bar (SC)
  16. Jungle Strike Base (SC)
  17. Desert Strike Base (SC)
  18. Columbia to USA Flight (SC)
  19. Closing Theme (SC)
  • Released in 1993 by Origin.
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A must have for anybody.

Reader review by Colin Day

This CD contains all the songs for Ultima 7 - The Black Gate, Ultima 7 Part 2 - Serpent Isle, and Strike Commander. All songs are performed on a really nice Roland MT-32 synth. These games have unforgettable music and this soundtrack brings it out full force. There are several composers for all these songs, which range from soft, sad pieces to heart-pumping action tracks. If you are looking to purchase this, call up Origin direct and ask for it. Some of the people there are clueless so you need to say "I know this exists, here is the exact title."

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