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Perfect Dark Original Soundtrack



2 discs, 139 minutes total

Disc 1 (73 minutes)

  1. Main Title
  2. Institute Menu
  3. Enter The Dark
  4. dataDyne Central: Defection
  5. dataDyne Central: Investigation
  6. dataDyne Central: Extraction
  7. Carrington Villa: Hostage One
  8. Chicago: Stealth
  9. G5 Building: Reconnaissance
  10. Area 51: Infiltration
  11. Area 51: Rescue
  12. Area 51: Escape
  13. Airbase: Espionage
  14. Air Force One: Anti terrorism
  15. Crash Site: Confrontation
  16. Pelagic 2: Exploration
  17. Deep Sea: Nulify Threat
  18. Carrington Institute
  19. Attack Ship: Covert assualt

Disc 2 (66 minutes)

  1. Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine
  2. Skedar Leader
  3. Gotcha!
  4. Credits
  5. Mission Complete
  6. Mission Fail
  7. Pause Menu
  8. Training
  9. Combat Simulator Menu
  10. Dark Combat
  11. Skedar Mystery
  12. CI Operative
  13. dataDyne Action
  14. Maian Tears
  15. Alien Conflict
  16. Combat Simulator Complete
  17. Combat Simulator Fail
  • Released Nov 15, 2000 by Nintendo of America (retail $12).
  • Originally made available for order direct from Nintendo's Store 64.
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A soundtrack of this caliber is a Rare thing indeed.

Reader review by Kenny Peeples

Rare has the best musicians in the videogame industry, period. I've yet to hear a below average score from the chaps over in Twycross, England, and Perfect Dark OST is no exception.

This double-CD set is only available through Nintendo. Now, we all know that Nintendo is the worst at putting soundtracks together. I assume Rare took the liberty of putting this set together, as it is superbly mastered and every piece of music from the game is here. You may look at the track list and remember there being more than a total of 36 tracks in the Perfect Dark game. But each mission track is flawlessly integrated with its 'X' remix version.

Now to the actual music. What we have here is a nice moody blend of techno, hip-hop, and rock musical styles. This score gives you a sense of espionage, stealth, action, and suspense. Each track fits its in-game situation perfectly. "G5 Building: Reconnaisance" is some of the best stealth music I've heard in a long time, while "Area 51: Escape" is one of the most heart-pounding, tension-building tracks I've ever heard. Other tracks like "Attack Ship: Covert assualt" and "Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine" sound dangerous and evil and just makes you want to kill dataDyne snipers. It's so hard to explain how perfectly each selection matches the on-screen action. Even bonus multiplayer tracks like "Skedar Mystery", with its Oriental overtones, are excellent.

As for personal favorites, I have many. "dataDyne Central: Defection" starts off meaning business. The beat is sickening and the chorus is lovely. It's 'X' version is great for multiplayer and sounds 'angry' due to the hard strikes of synthesizer chords. Great stuff. "Crash Site: Confrontation" is just epic. It's so damn heroic and valiant. If I were a super hero, it'd definitely be my theme. "Deep Sea: Nulify Threat" is just so mellow and alien-ish. It starts off with a man's voice "singing" and then begins to have a laid back beat. This is a track that you can listen to and just chill. It's so nonchalant, and the extraterrestrial undertones are just spectacular. "Attack Ship: Covert assualt" is upbeat and encourages assault. It has nice percussion and great 'bang on steal' sound that is common throughout both disks. Finally, "Alien Conflict", with its excellent beat and moody male chorus, is just a great listen whenever and wherever.

I strongly recommend buying this superb double-CD set. Grant Kirkhope, composer of GoldenEye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, and Banjo-Tooie, flexes his muscle once again. I can't wait to hear what he does on the *Gamecube*. Fans of the Perfect Dark game will surely love this. And I even recommend it to the people who haven't played Rare's masterpiece. You won't be disappointed.

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